how to start a conversation

How To Start A Conversation Using F.O.R.M

Ever met someone for the first time and got an awkward feeling? That feeling probably came from not knowing what to say. It happens all the time. Your mind goes blank, you can’t find the right words, you’re not sure what to say or how to say it! How to start a conversation and keep it going is simple if you use F.O.R.M. What is … Continue reading How To Start A Conversation Using F.O.R.M


5 Traits of Successful Top Earners In The Industry

Do you want to be like the top earners? If you want a successful business you do! All top earners have certain traits that have pushed them to their success. Then why is it that so many network marketers bypass these traits and adopt those that yield nothing but disappointment, frustration and failure? In this industry, you have to decide that you want success and … Continue reading 5 Traits of Successful Top Earners In The Industry

traits of a successful leader

10 Traits of a Successful Leader People Will Want To Follow

Do you know what the traits of a successful leader look like? If you’re in the network marketing industry, you should know that in order for you to be successful, you have to step into a leadership role. And in order to be successful, you need to display certain leadership qualities. It’s the only way people will look up to you, learn from you and … Continue reading 10 Traits of a Successful Leader People Will Want To Follow

why not me

Why Not Me? A Compelling Question

Why not me was the question that highlighted a morning Wake Up Call with Diane Hochman, one of MLSP’s leaders when I first joined the industry a while back. A compelling question! Her words really resonated with me and I started thinking about those three little words that, in actuality, are so very powerful.

There are so many forces out there that pull you in every direction, sometimes making you feel that maybe you’re spinning your network marketing wheels. This is due to a lack of training and a lack of personal development and without the skillset and the mindset, you can feel defeated.


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5 Prospecting Tactics For The Hustler

“Are You A Hoper Or A Hustler?” That’s what Ray Higdon asked in his training, 10 Prospecting Tricks. So now I’m asking, “Are you a hoper or a hustler?” If you were given 10 prospecting tactics, what would you do with them? It depends on what you are, hoper or hustler. A hoper is someone who hopes his business will take off. He hopes that … Continue reading 5 Prospecting Tactics For The Hustler

action plan for success

5-Step Action Plan For Success

how can we achieve successDo you have an action plan for success? Network marketers want to be successful. For many, the thought of being be an overnight success is what motivated them to partner with a company. But soon after they realize there is no overnight success, they stop putting out the effort and just wish and hope for something to happen. Unfortunately, this is not the way it happens. Top earners in the industry didn’t sit and wish and hope for success. They went out and made it happen. And that’s why top earners are top earners today. That’s what it takes to succeed – consistent action.

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