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The other day I was reading several Facebook status updates and came across one in a Facebook group. As I read it, I realized that it went on and on with a lot of repetitious words and no real direction. Now while I’m sure the writer of the post had perfectly good intentions about the post, he lost a reader and more importantly a potential prospect. Why? Because he didn’t have a plan on what he wanted to say so as a result, he rambled on and his purpose was lost underneath a carpet of words. 

Your Facebook Status Updates

Let’s face it, some status updates are extremely lengthy and when people are scrolling down their newsfeed and see lots of text, they keep going. It’s even worse when the post has no direction and contains a multitude of errors.

Know What You Want To Say In Your Status Update

using-social-media-for-marketingAs entrepreneurs who are marketing using social media, we have to become quite crafty about how we say what we need to say so our readers will read on and stay to the end. The reality is that there are a lot of entrepreneurs on the web as well as and other folks with get-rich-quick schemes and all of them are saying something. There’s plenty of competition out there and if you want to get a piece of the “real” action, you have to be intentional about what you post. So when you write your status update, make it readable, interesting and to the point.

Some Tips For Writing Facebook Status Updates

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when writing a status update:

Know what you want to say and who you’re saying it to. Your goal is to get the right people reading your posts. Make it interesting so that it piques curiousity immediately.

keep-it-simpleKeep it simple and remember that you will have many different people reading your posts. With that, they will be at different reading and comprehension levels. Use appropriate words and ideas so your reader won’t feel intimidated or get lost and abandon the post altogether.  

Make certain that you are using the conventions of grammar when writing your post. People notice errors and sloppy text and will judge you by how you write. Look over what you wrote before hitting “enter”. Your posts must exude accuracy if they are to attract prospects.

Status Updates Could Generate Leads

If crafted strategically, your Facebook status updates can generate leads for your business. Those who are reading the update are most likely people who you have already targeted when you searched for friends or accepted friend requests. So this is an excellent opportunity to “show off” what you know and what you have to share. Here are two more tips:

call-to-actionAdd a brief video if possible. People like to view videos. More importantly, they like to see a real live person. It makes a difference knowing that the person delivering the message is a real person, with feelings and emotions. It’s easier to relate to a genuine, smiling face. An image can work well too but won’t have that emotional effect a video will have. This includes LIVE streaming which is very popular marketing method at this time.

Give your readers a call to action. Ask if they like what you’ve said, invite them to comment and share it. Tell them where they can go to find more tips and strategies, i.e. your website, blog, Facebook Fan Page, etc. or how can they get in touch with you, i.e. email.

Next Steps

If using social media for marketing, keep these 4 steps in mind when writing a status update. Using them will make your update more interesting and attractive to your readers. They will get the reader…a potential prospect…to keep reading and take action. It will also allow for their engagement and make them look forward to reading more of your posts.

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