Using Images From The Internet Without Fear Of Copyright Infringement

Using Images From The Internet

Are you using images from the internet? Did you know that many images are subject to copyright infringement laws and can cost a marketer dearly?

internet image searchMarketers are generally posting images as status updates on Facebook and other social media platforms, as well as their blogs and when creating digital content or as part of their ad campaigns.

Be very selective and cautious with  using images from the internet and stay away from images subject to copyright infringement laws. When conducting an internet image search, visit the sites with free, public domain images.

Using Images From The Internet 

If you’re going to using images from the internet, here are a few sites that offer the free use of images and what, if anything, they require in return:

MorgueFile – high resolution stock photos, completely free for public use.

Pixabay – stunning public domain drawings and photos for free.

free internet images

FreeDigitalPhotos.Net – free stock images for public use, however, attribution required.

Unsplash – high-resolution photos completely free.

Pexels – free stock photos.

Foodiesfeed – stock photos of realistic food in high resolution

Gratisography – Free high-resolution pictures

free images

Visit these sites and read their terms of use.

Google Image Search

In addition, when searching for images using Google, type in your what image you’re looking for. Then look for the tab “Tools”. When you click on it, you will see another tab “Usage Rights” with a drop down. Here you will see an option “Labeled for Reuse”. Images found under this option are available for use both commercially and non-commercially. 

google image searchJust a heads up that all images Labeled for Reuse may not be exactly what you’re looking for. In fact, they may not be related in any way to what you want but check it out anyway as another option.

Other Sites Requiring Credits/License for Use of Their Images

free online imagesThere are other sites that offer images but they may require the purchase of credits or a license. (Shutterstock, IStock and others)

Images are always an attention-getter and using them in your marketing is highly recommended if you want to grab some extra eyeballs on what you have.

Just be careful you don’t get the wrong kind of attention.  Always go for the copyright free images and avoid those annoying legal issues.

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