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Toxic People Just Don’t Get It

Toxic people are everywhere. As network marketers, we want to be successful. After all, success is the name of our game! It’s the reason we do what we do each and every day. It’s what we wake up thinking about and what puts us to sleep at night! Entrepreneurs have adopted a lifestyle different from that of the average person. It’s one of a strong belief in something and the relentless energy to get their message across to others and ultimately helping them. This is what the entrepreneur does and because of it, he/she usually has to deal with another group of people whose goal, it seems, is to dissuade them from their mission. These people just don’t get it. They have many names: haters, naysayers, unbelievers, pessimists or negative people. And they’re all toxic!

toxic peopleSeparate Yourself From Toxic People

Toxic people come in the form of family, friends and acquaintances who don’t have the same belief system and as a result use words or actions that are both contrary and disrespectful to the entrepreneur. In order to attain our ultimate goal, we need to stay in the company of people who are striving for or who have already attained success. Why? Because like-minded people have much in common. They think alike, have similar goals and possess the same burning energy to succeed.

As an entrepreneur, why would you want be in the company of others who don’t share a passion for what they love, or who don’t have a vision of their own and want to discourage you from pursuing yours? It’s like anything else in life, if you want to learn how to swim, would you hang out with people who are afraid of the water? If you want to improve yourself and reach your goals faster, being around people with similar interests is key. That involves ridding yourself of the negativity of these toxic people – whether family, friend or acquaintance.

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Out With Toxic People And In With The Positive

We should make it a practice to take some time to reflect on the negativity in our lives. Who are these toxic people spewing out reasons why it can’t be done, spurting out potential problems you will face, looking for adverse reviews or commentaries to prove their case? It’s time to rid your life of these toxins. How? It may not be easy, especially if you love the person/people but it is still necessary if you love yourself more!

  • Have a conversation and let them know how you feel. Be considerate but be firm. Let them know that they are not on the same page as you about the subject and you would prefer not to talk about your business with them anymore. Usually, when you take this approach, they suddenly grow silent or they get offended. In either case, it’s not your concern. You were considerate, thoughtful and truthful. You have to be in control of what you want for your life and stick to it.
  • time for changeAs difficult as it may seem, the other option is to just cut off communication with them. Unfortunately, this may mean cutting off a family member or a close friend. The truth of the matter is that anyone who cares about you should trust your judgement about what path you decide to take in your life. If the support is not there, you definitely don’t want to hear their unsubstantiated and ill-informed reasons why you should stop what you’re doing.

Remember, as entrepreneurs, we face many obstacles but one of the worse is the toxic and negative people in our lives. Let’s de-tox our lives when the need arises and move forward into prosperity and abundance.

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  1. Ron Deering
    Ron Deering
    May 19, 2016 at 3:24 pm

    You are so right on…. Toxic people are toxic….. we just need to stay away from them… great post Theresa… thanks for sharing this

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