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5 Super Easy Tips For Cold Calling Prospects

We are in the business of business and the business of business is the business of people. We have to network and networking can sometimes be a little difficult for people who don’t have the basic skills of how to begin a conversation. This is a topic I covered in one of my previous marketing tips a while ago on Facebook but I believe it’s worth talking about here. It’s all about cold calling techniques.

Cold Calling Techniques

cold calling tipsIn business, we have to talk to people. Some people we know and some we may not know but in any case, the fact remains…we have to talk to people. It’s not too difficult to approach people we know. For one thing, we have their contact information, we know where they live and it’s basically easy to “get with them or get to them”. We already have a relationship with them. Their moods and their attitudes about things are already known to us. We are aware of their situations and the problems they may have. It’s not difficult to approach them.

When it comes to people we don’t know, it’s a little different. We have to find an approach that’s not going to turn them off. This is because there are so many people in the marketplace trying to get everyone’s attention. The problem is that many of them are going about it in the wrong way by spamming and other inappropriate ways. When telephoning people, they come off salesy or pitchy and sometimes so desperate for a sale, will say the first thoughtless thing that comes to mind. They haven’t learned telephone etiquette when cold calling.

An Unpleasant Cold Calling Experience

Recently I received a phone call from someone in the business. I didn’t recognize the Canadian number but I recently met someone from Canada and thought it might be her. But when I answered, it was a man who only said one thing to me.  “Is this Theresa? This is ______.” Honestly, I forgot his name. He said it quickly and almost nervously. effective cold callingI waited for him to say more but when he didn’t, I said, “And?” He went on to ask if I had a few minutes to chat. This was clearly not the way to approach me. You’re calling someone you don’t know. You’re confirming that the voice on the other end is the person you’re calling and then you go on to say you want to chat for a few minutes. I don’t know who you are. Your name is meaningless to me because you haven’t introduced yourself properly, well not at all. I would like to know where you’re from and what you want to talk to me about. I think this is reasonable.

He must have asked if I had time to chat about three times before he finally said, with my prodding, what his association was. I felt that information should have come when he gave me his name early in the conversation. “I’m ___ from ___.” People are not so willing to speak to strangers and when I went to explain where he went wrong in the conversation, he proceeded to get angry and hung up on me. And as I stated above, he was a network marketer and what he needed was some cold calling tips for more effective cold calling.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to educate some people in the correct manner in which to do certain things because they feel their way is THE way. And unfortunately for this person, he will not make it in business treating people the way he treated me. Clearly, a lack of telephone etiquette.

Telephone Etiquette When Cold Calling

phone etiquetteSo when you’re cold calling, remember these cold calling techniques so you can get favorable results. You should:

  • be friendly but not overly. People can see through that and their antennae go up immediately (People get suspicious and that sets a negative tone for the rest of the conversation)
  • be polite and ask if it’s a good time. Remember everything is global now and you may be calling someone at 2 a.m. in the morning. (Check time zones before calling)
  • properly introduce yourself by stating your name and where you’re calling from whether it’s a state or company or an online source (People have a right to know)
  • keep the conversation brief. Get to the point. If your calling a lead, ask qualifying questions. If your calling from a list of names, state the purpose of your call.
  • never get into a verbal match with someone you don’t know. Remember, you’re the caller. You intruded into their time and space.

Needless to say, I was annoyed by this intrusion of my time and space. I texted the person back to express my feelings on what had happened and hopefully give him some sound advice about when making calls to people he doesn’t know. But of course, according to him, I was the culprit because, as he said, he told me his name and I just wasn’t listening. For additional tips and information about cold calling, click HERE.

Did you find value in this? If so please, share with others so they can brush up their telephone etiquette when cold calling  and have more favorable outcomes.

I hope this helped you. If so, kindly leave a comment below and share on Facebook. Thank You!


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12 thoughts on “5 Super Easy Tips For Cold Calling Prospects

  1. Theresa awesome post my dear!!! I learned to actually share the correct skill and knowledge with those folks that call and don’t have it!!! Thank you for your leadership!!!

  2. Theresa, these are some great tips. It really is simple to make a quick intro and get to the point. Remember you’re in business… state the purpose of your call.

    You know the guy was probably new… and well there is a learning curve with everything. He was also probably a little defensive because he was trying to cover up his newness. I bet some of what you said got through to him as he reflects later on.

    Appreciate the points you made!


    Robert Frank

  3. Theresa,

    Wonderful post. People really need to learn this skill. There is nothing I hate more than we I get a cold call and there is no life on the other end just someone trying to sell a product without building rapport. Thanks for sharing.

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