The Power of Focus Determines Your State And What You’ll Do

the power of focus

Have you ever wondered why some people achieve success while others can never seem to get there? It’s the power of focus. What you focus on is what will determine your success or your lack of it.

you get what you focus on

Tony Robbins And The Power Of Focus

Recently, I was watching a video where Tony Robbins was talking about the power of focus. In the video, he said that people tend to focus on three things.

The first are things that cause pain. You know, problems, worries, things in their everyday life that are pressing or pending. These are the things that need a solution and in many cases, there doesn’t seem to be one or at least, none that is readily available.

focus on the good thingsThe next things that people tend to dwell on are the things that give pleasure.  For example, maybe you planned a fabulous vacation last year and it’s getting near time or maybe you’re getting ready to close on your first house. Here’s one: your triplets will be a year old in a few weeks and you’ve planned a birthday celebration. These kinds of things are pleasurable. 

And finally, the last kind of focus is when you burden yourself with someone else’s problems. You may have a close friend or relative, someone in your family or a neighbor who you have a good relationship with. They may have confided in you about something going on their life that is causing them a great deal of pain or hardship.

When this happens, you find yourself worrying about them, how they’re going to solve their problem, trying to find a solution for them. They’re on your mind all the time and you’re concerned about their well-being. Sometimes you put yourself out to help them.

What You Focus On Puts You In A State

When you focus on something, as Tony says, it puts you in a state. And that state determines what you do. For example, if you’re worried about something going on in your life, that worrying will put you in a state. What state? Well, look at it like this. If you’re really worried about it, you won’t be laughing, having fun or enjoying life.

Instead you’ll be anxious, fearful, stressed out, maybe even depressed. That becomes your state and in that state you will procrastinate, make excuses, sleep late or maybe stay in bed all day. The power of focus plays a huge role in what we do.

On the other hand, if you are thinking about something pleasurable, you’ll be excited, happy, energetic and full of life. In this state you’ll be able to function more positively and you’ll do more things to make you feel happy.

you get what you focus onFor example, let’s say you’re closing on your first house. Quite naturally, you’ll be excited about it and in that state you may begin thinking about the color schemes for the rooms, the type of furniture you’re going to get, how you’re going to set up your kitchen and maybe even deciding on what flowers you’ll plant in your garden. Again, the power of focus is the determining factor of what we do.

Tony says that when you focus on the painful things, you have to stop and ask yourself questions. “How is focusing on this making things better in my life?, Am I adding value to my life by focusing on this? What can I focus on that will make me feel better and change my behavior?

If your life is not advancing in any way, you have to stop focusing on the pain because you get what you focus on.  If you’re not focusing on anything good or positive, you won’t get anything good or positive happening in your life..

Tony RobbinsInstead, think of things in your life that you can be grateful for. Even if you think there’s nothing in your life that’s going your way or working out in your favor, there are always things to be grateful for…even the littlest things.

So, there are a few types of things people focus on and what you focus on will determine your ultimate success…or failure.

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  1. Chris Shouse
    Chris Shouse
    December 26, 2017 at 12:00 am

    Gratitude is the foundation on which you build anything else. Without Gratitude, you have no room for anything else.

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