The Power Of A Private Message On Facebook

Have you ever sent a private message on Facebook? That little message box is more powerful than a lot of people realize. If you are a business builder looking to extend your network, it’s something you should get very familiar with. This is where magic can happen, as long as you use it strategically.

So, what is a private message? All social media platforms give you an opportunity to talk one on one with those who may be following you or those who you would like to get to know. Facebook calls it a private message. 

How Do You Send A Private Message On Facebook?

facebook-commentsOn the top of your Facebook profile, you’ll see several icons. They represent friend requests, messages and notifications. The message icon is a pair of comic bubbles and when you click on it, you can see your received messages as well as the option to write and send messages.

Simply click on the icon and you’ll see a drop down list of any messages you have received. You’ll also see “New Message” at the top of that drop down. So, if you want to send someone a message, simply click New Message and a message box will pop up in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Just fill in the name of the person and write your message. 

So as you begin finding people to talk to, you’ll be visiting profiles and engaging in their content. That is a non-negotiable! You’ll only be recognized and be attractive by how much others see you around. Definitely on Facebook on people’s profiles but also in Facebook groups. You can also be seen other places  – Twitter, Instagram, forums, your blog, other people’s blogs as a commentor. It’s all about exposure. Now back to Facebook!


The Power Of A Private Message On Facebook

notifications-on-facebookNotifications on Facebook is a strategy you can use to get noticed. When you engage on another person’s profile by liking, commenting and even sharing a post, they will get a notification that you’ve been on their profile and left your mark.

Two things can happen…1- you can take it a step further and send them a private message introducing yourself and commenting on something you saw on their profile. You can send them an open-ended question that will encourage them to respond. Once they respond, you can continue the conversation. 2 – They may be inclined to send you a private message thanking you for visiting their profile and may express an interest in you. Facebook comments, likes and shares are key to getting exposure!

As a side note, when Facebook sees back and forth conversation via the private message, your posts will show up more often on that person’s profile and vice versa. Leverage that because when you appear on someone’s newsfeed, now their friends can see you too! This is what makes the private message so powerful.

Once your posts appear on someone’s newsfeed, because of the back and forth private messages you have been engaged in, it will get you noticed not only by the people you are trying to get to know but also among those you don’t. And you never know, someone you don’t know may need exactly what you have.

A Closer Look At How To Leverage The Private Message On Facebook

facebook-profileAs your initial conversations take place, you want to look for points of common interests. What do you and the other person have in common? It could be the state you live in, your favorite football team or the number of grandchildren you have. Ask lots of questions. This is how you find out what the person is into and what that person may need.

If this person is a prospect, follow up in a day or two. Refer back to your previous conversation and a difficulty they may have mentioned. Keep your posture. Tell them that you might be able to help them with it by sharing something that you’re using that may work for them as well. Never appear to be needy rather indicate that you don’t know if it will work for them but it may be something worth looking into.

Using The Private Message For Birthday Wishes

You can also leverage the private message to wish your Facebook friends a happy birthday. While most people post the birthday wish on the person’s timeline, few send it via the private message. You can post your birthday wish on the timeline but go the extra step and send it as a private message as well. This makes you stand out and also invites a response. The response triggers a response from you and this back and forth initiates Facebook to show both of you each other’s posts more often.

The Private Message On Facebook And Spammers

spam-messagesThe private message is also a great tool to use to deal with spam messages. While many people become annoyed with other people spamming them, you can “go after” spammers by using the very same method they used to spam you – private message. When you get a message from a spammer, look closely at it and find those points that seem exaggerated or too good to be true. For example,  “I made $5,000 in my first day…or “I ranked advanced in a week”. Let them know, through your questioning, that what they are saying sounds like push marketing. Offer them another way – pull marketing (attraction marketing).

In other words, rather than chasing after people, have people chasing after you. A new concept for sure, one they probably know nothing about. Let them know that what they are doing may have short term benefits but nothing that will help them build their personal brand or create a long-term, sustainable business. Now, they will be interested in what you have to say and how you can help them.

private-messageNext Steps

Begin utilizing your private message feature to begin and engage in more conversations.

Whenever you come upon the profile of someone you may want to connect with, engage on their page and send a friendly private message.

Thank visitors to your profile who liked, commented or shared your posts. Let them know that you appreciated it. 

Check birthday notifications every morning and be vigilant in sending a birthday wish as a private message.

When dealing with spammers, use the private message to ask pivotal questions that will get them to see how attraction marketing is a better strategy than spamming.


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  1. Very informative article Theresa. Thank you for sharing this, and I’m extremely happy to say I learned some very valuable information. Facebook is a great way to connect and one of the simplest things you can do everyday is wish your friends a Happy Birthday to engage them more. I’ll be glad to utilize this to grow my business even more.

  2. Great content, Theresa! You mentioned sending birthday wishes in a private message… I just attended an industry event where one of the trainers shared how effective this strategy has been for her. It really sets her apart from everyone else!

  3. Really great tips for using FB messaging! When I first started reading the article, I was thinking to myself,”I use FB messaging ALL of the time! I’ll read this, but probably won’t learn anything.” LOL How arrogant of me! My good morning mindset is obviously not yet in play, b/c I DID learn and I loved the point you made about push marketing vs pull marketing. Awesome point. Thank you for the great tips and ALSO for making me remember to be humble! 🙂

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