5 Tips On Writing Facebook Status Updates

The other day I was reading several Facebook status updates and came across one in a Facebook group. As I read it, I realized that it went on and on with a lot of repetitious words and no real direction. Now while I’m sure the writer of the post had perfectly good intentions about the post, he lost a reader and more importantly a potential prospect. Why? Because he didn’t have a plan on what he wanted to say so as a result, he rambled on and his purpose was lost underneath a carpet of words. 

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engagement on social media


Engagement on Social Media

Engagement on social media is a must if you are a network marketer. You have to talk to people. That’s what networking is all about. You have to talk to people to make connections then establish and maintain relationships. Meeting and talking to people on social media may seem awkward at best because you don’t know the person you’re talking to. In many cases, you initiated the contact and may feel ill-equipped to know what to say. This is natural because even when you meet a person in person, you may not necessarily know what your point of reference is, if there even is one. Social media is a little bit easier because you have the golden opportunity to “check a person out” before approaching them. You can’t do this in person. Engagement on social media makes it much easier to learn about someone and should be done regularly. Continue reading “ENGAGEMENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA – KEEP IT SOCIAL”

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