My Network Marketing Business and Elementary School

My network marketing business reminds me of my years as an elementary school teacher! Remember those days when you were in school? Morning line ups in the yard, plans for the day written out on the board, math, science, social studies classes and more, taking exams to determine mastery, recess, class performances and a whole lot […]

MLM Success: 7 Easy Ways To Achieve It

So you’re a network marketer?  You’re trying to achieve your MLM success. Those of us who are brave enough to enter the world of MLM are risk-takers. Indeed we are! To spend a good amount of your time earnestly trying to get others to look at your product or service let alone getting them to […]


The Network Marketer “Gold”   A network marketer is something like an athlete. Both “go for the gold”. All through life, I’ve heard that expression…go for the gold. Most of the time, it was in relation to an athlete striving to win the ultimate prize. Going for the gold is striving for something you really […]