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3 Ways To Get Your Facebook Friend Request Accepted

Have you sent a Facebook friend request lately? I’m sure you have and you did as a means of extending your network.  You probably did a search looking for people who you would like to connect with – people who are in the same industry as you, perhaps those who share interests with you or maybe people who might be looking for something that you … Continue reading 3 Ways To Get Your Facebook Friend Request Accepted

personal brand


Personal Brand

Back in 1978, I knew nothing about a personal brand. I was an information operator at Madison Square Garden. When people called for ticket information or seating availability about concerts, wrestling matches, basketball games and other special events, I was one of the operators that took the calls. After working in this capacity for several months, I noticed that there were people who were regular callers. They were the ones that went to the Monday night wrestling matches every week or the big rock concerts that were held routinely. Continue reading “PERSONAL BRAND AND PROFILE PICTURE”

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