Surround Yourself With People Who Have These 5 Qualities

Surround Yourself With People Who

Do you surround yourself with people who impact your life in a positive way? It doesn’t matter where you are in life, you are surrounded by people. At work, at home, in your neighborhood – there are people around you all the time. In some places, you have no control of who’s around you. You have no say as to who works in your company, on your floor or in your department. You just have to deal with who’s there. All there are all kinds!

In other places, you have control. You can decide the kind of people you want to be surrounded with. 

Surround Yourself With People Who Have These 5 Qualities

If you want to be successful, centered and inspired, there are actually 5 types of people you should surround yourself with.

Surround Yourself With The Inspired And The Passionate

The Inspired – Who are the inspired? Inspired people are those who have a vision. They’re the ones who see what’s possible and are determined to make it happen. Their enthusiasm and fire are contagious and anyone who’s around them will catch it.

surround yourself with positive peopleInspired people are full of ideas and always take action. They’re always finding ways to get results and never limit themselves. If they don’t have immediate access to what they need, they’re resourceful enough to find what they need.

Inspired people pursue their goals relentlessly. They inspire others to do the same.

It’s not the lack of resources, it’s your lack of resourcefulness that stops you. -Tony Robbins Click To Tweet

The Passionate – Who are the passionate? Passionate people have a deep connection to something they love. They are enthusiastic and driven. Their journey to success is a step by step process. They don’t give up.

Passionate people are not excuse makers. They know that whatever task is in front of them, they have to persevere. They have no problem with being uncomfortable. They’re excited about being uncomfortable. Their passion gives them energy and excitement.

Have you ever encountered a passionate person? How did you feel?

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. -Oprah Winfrey Click To Tweet

Surround Yourself With The Motivated And The Grateful

The Motivated – Who are the motivated? Motivated people are those who push themselves to take action. They are the ones who go above and beyond to achieve their goals – never afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Failure is not an option for the motivated.

The motivated are always learning and increasing their knowledge and skill set. They use what they’ve learned to increase their confidence and their ability to teach others.

Motivated people motivate people. If you’re having difficulty getting started or maybe losing ground, being around motivated people will inspire you to get started and keep going.

Fear of failure has always been my best motivator. -Douglas Wood Click To Tweet

surround yourself withThe Grateful – Who are the grateful? The grateful are the people who take nothing for granted. They recognize and are grateful for the many things that are present in their lives. They are thankful but they are also grateful.

People who are grateful are satisfied with their life and are more positive and optimistic. They don’t have everything but they have hope.

Grateful people put their thankfulness into action. They say they are grateful and they identify the things they are grateful for in a daily journal. The grateful share what they have with others, they encourage others to strive for what they want, they enjoy life. They accept the good with the bad and keep going.

The grateful person faces any crisis that arises. He looks for ways to make the crisis a stepping stone towards something better.

It takes work to be grateful The grateful exude a light that ignites anyone around them to step back and examine their own life. They encourage others to find what they have and have been neglectful to be grateful for and begin to put it into action.

Surround Yourself With The Open-Minded

The Open-Minded – Who are the open-minded? Have you ever tried to talk to someone who just didn’t want to hear it? It could have been about anything – something that occurred, your opinion on a topic or even a few minutes about your network marketing business. They just weren’t interested. These people are said to be close-minded.

you are who you surround yourself withOpen-minded people are not afraid to let go of some of their beliefs to listen with a new perspective. They experience change because they allow themselves opportunities to change. They’re not afraid to surrender control of their thoughts to think new ones.

The close-minded person will never agree that he does not know it all simply because he thinks he does. The open-minded person will. He’ll realize that there may be a host of possibilities he hasn’t considered.

The open-minded person will easily add new knowledge to the knowledge he already has. You can’t do that if you keep a closed mind.

When you’re surround yourself with open-minded people, they are an example of how to embrace new learning, new ideas and new possibilities.

You can read more about being open minded HERE.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

These are the 5 qualities people you surround with should have. They should be inspiring, passionate, motivated, grateful and open-minded. Remember, you are who you surround yourself with and who you surround yourself with impacts your life greatly.

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