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If you’re a network marketer, you need a success skill set. Everyone who signs up with an MLM company is understandably excited and motivated to begin building the kind of life they often dreamed about. They are looking for all those wonderful things such as time freedom, financial freedom and the ability to quit their job. Although all of these are very attainable, many networker marketers struggle as they attempt to build their businessess and wonder why they haven’t seen what they’ve been promised.

your presentationAs a network marketer, you will be giving presentations as a means to expose your prospects to your products or services which is the very core of what you will be doing. To be successful in giving your presentations, you have to master some very simple yet important skills.

This success skill set is necessary if you are to deliver a message that is informative and well-received by your prospects. Some of these skills include the following four:

  • Leave your emotions at the door. When doing a presentation, keep two things in mind: education and understanding. Your emotions must be left out of the entire process. Your goal is educating the prospect and making sure that he/she has full understanding of your product or service and how it will benefit him/her. The outcome of the presentation should not be what drives you rather delivering an honest and informative message about your product or service. You can say that we are like consultants who recommend and suggest what we think will be helpful to our prospects, what will make their lives better. In not being emotional, we have eliminated a burden that could affect the presentation and can now feel more comfortable and even have fun as we educate our prospects.
  • It’s always best to be yourself. Sometimes new and different personalities emerge when making presentations to prospects. It is often thought that you should step out of yourself and be someone whom you’re not, however, it’s best not to put on airs or act in manner that’s obviously not who you are. This will have the opposite effect and may cost you a potential customer.
  • skills for successExude passion, enthusiasm and fire in your activities. People love being around positive people who are enthusiastic and passionate about their message. It makes them feel like they want to be a part of something great too. Even when you’re speaking on the phone, smile. A smile makes your tone friendly and warm. This will draw people to you and the possibility of joining your business.
  • Make sure your posture is strong. Posture is the inability to be discouraged or swayed. When negative comments are spoken about the product or service or opportunity, be not affected! If you get discouraged or affected in any way by a person or a person’s comments, you have a weak posture. If this is the case, it’s time to strengthen it so you can have more success in your presentations. You must be bold, confident and strong when delivering your message just like the professionals. They never apologize or defend their opportunity or their role in the company. They merely give the facts interspersed with stories that solidify the value of the product or service and they are always successful in their delivery.


Practice Makes A Perfect Skill Set

So just like anything else, practice makes perfect. Refrain from carrying your emotions to your presentations. Be enthusiastic, be yourself and strengthen your posture. You will find that presentations get easier and you will have more successful outcomes. Remember, signing up with an MLM is exciting along with the hopes of changing your life and the lives of your family for the better. Don’t lose sight of the fact that in order to make that vision become a reality, it is a must that you sharpen your network marketing success skill set when presenting.

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  1. Mark Nelson
    Mark Nelson
    April 24, 2016 at 8:29 am

    Gotta be yourself Theresa. Great post

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