Why Everyone Is Sharing Quotes All Over Social Media

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Quotes are everywhere! Everyone is sharing quotes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all the other platforms. If you’re marketing online, there’s no doubt you’ve heard, read or even posted a quote!

Why Everyone Is Sharing Quotes

If you scroll down your news feed, you’ll see quote after quote. Some of your own posts may be quotes and you may even include them in your blog posts.

What is this fascination with quotes? Why are they so popular?

If you ever stopped to really think about it, quotes are powerful! Whether two or three words or two or three sentences, quotes pack a powerful punch. They come right out of the experiences of other people. That’s right. Quotes tell about what people have seen, what they’ve heard and what they’ve done.

What Do Quotes Do

inspirational quotesQuotes teach us lessons about life. They inspire, motivate, encourage and empower us. These reflections of other people’s experiences can be used as a guide on to live our own lives.

Some people might say, How many times do we have to see the same quote? While it’s true that quotes always resurface, they do hold a different value for each person reading them.

I saw a post on Facebook not too long ago and the person was very impatient in his tone. He was telling people to stop posting the same quotes seen day in and day out. Create your own.

I immediately related to what he was saying but I also disagreed. Here’s why: You can post a quote on your profile or page today and they’ll be people who will see it, read it and perhaps interact with it. They’ll most certainly be others who’ll read it but will move on without any comment at all.

Then a few days, weeks or months later, that same quote will pop up again. This time it will inspire someone who may not have read it or maybe read it before but didn’t relate to it.

Remember, everyone goes through cycles in their lives and may need different things at different times. To read or hear a quote that hits home with your current situation is priceless.

Motivational Quotes

motivational quotesMotivational Quotes are simply quotes that motivate. Whether for yourself or a team, everyone needs to be motivated at some point or another. Why? Because the work becomes mundane, boring or even uninteresting.

Even though you know it’s necessary, you get into a slump and you need a little motivation to get you out of it. Motivational quotes reignite the fire that got you started in the first place.

The sun himself is weak when he first rises, and gathers strength and courage as the day gets on. Click To Tweet

If you want some great motivational quotes, look up Tony Robbins, Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey. Please note that there are many, many more.

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes, yes you got it, inspire. You may be asking how that’s different from motivating. To be inspired is to realize that there is something, perhaps that someone else is doing, that you can actually do too.

To be inspired means to be mentally stimulated and when you’re mentally stimulated, you can do great things. You can create, design, discover. So many ordinary people have done extraordinary things because of inspiration.

In addition, you yourself can be an inspiration to others even if you have not achieved or have yet to achieve. It has to do with giving back, serving others, leaving a lasting legacy.

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Encouraging Quotes

encouraging quotesHave you ever felt down and out? Ever felt like no matter what you do, you can’t see any progress in what you’re trying to achieve? Have you been struggling with life issues?

Enter encouragement quotes. They are the quotes that lift people up and give them that word needed to keep going regardless of what may be happening in their lives or what their outcomes may be. I think we can all agree that everyone needs encouragement as they move along life’s journey. This because of all the challenges and obstacles they face.

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