Is There A Proven System To Help Me Become A Success?

Is There A Proven System To Help Me Become A Success_

Are you looking for a proven system to make money online?  You’ve probably been at it for some time and can’t seem to get it right! Right?

It’s the same old story. Nobody wants to sign up. Everybody’s got a lot on their plate right now. Some people don’t have money to invest in a business. Does any of this sound like you and your experiences?

Is There A Proven System To Help Me Become A Success?

Too many marketers follow every bell and whistle that come along in the hopes of getting there fast. It won’t happen! The only thing bells and whistles do is make noise!

success leaves cluesIf you buy a pack of seeds and plant them in the soil, there’s nothing you can do…nothing at all, to make those seeds sprout over night. It takes time and it takes you working the soil daily.

If someone else came along and gave you another packet of seeds and said they were magic, you might jump at the chance of having them. You’d probably want them because they wouldn’t require much maintenance. But you’d soon find out that there is no magic. It would still take time and you working the soil daily.

Being a network marketer isn’t a quick fix to your money problems. It takes time to build. You have to change your mindset and you also have to increase your skill set. And…you have to be patient!

Many network marketers are not because they’re looking for a way, an answer or a blueprint to get them from where they are to where they want to be. And they want it fast!

Why Network Marketers Struggle

Why are so many network marketers struggling?

make money onlineOne reason is because many network marketers insist on doing things their way. It doesn’t matter if the company training instructs them to follow a system. They think they have a better way and after a while when their way doesn’t work, they fall off into oblivion.

Another reason is because they fail to learn how marketing works.  Network marketers refuse to take the time or pay the cost to invest in themselves. They don’t understand what marketing is all about.  Their belief is that spreading their links everywhere is a strategy that will get them what they want. They end up winging it with zero results.

Still another reason is they are not laser focused. In order to see any kind of results, you have to “keep your eye on the prize” always. This means to ensure that you have a solid block of time to promote your business and work at it consistently. (remember the pack of seeds?)

Finally, many network marketers do not have a proven system. Without one, you’ll struggle. A proven system shows the “how” in what you’re trying to achieve.

Success Leaves Clues

There are lots of leaders out there who’ve done it and have been successful at building their businesses online. They have “left clues” for the rest of us to use to build our businesses.

So if there are clues out there left by successful people, why aren’t those who are trying to get there taking full advantage of them?

Robert HollisEncountering A Legend

A while back, I ran across a leader who, from what I was reading, changed a lot of lives. I briefly looked at some of the videos I came across but never with an intention to look any deeper.

Still, I kept seeing people thanking him for what he did for them. I kept coming across his videos. Occasionally I took a quick look but never went the extra mile to find out more about him, to check him out thoroughly…until a few months ago.

The clues were there but I never acknowledged them fully. I never applied the bits of information I learned from taking those quick looks.

So Who Is Robert Hollis Anyway?

I can’t even remember how it happened. I recently opted in to something that sounded “sweet” and lo and behold, it was Robert Hollis. Now, there was NO excuse. I didn’t have any choice but to really “check him out”…thoroughly.

This is what I discovered. His name is Robert Hollis and his experience helped create millionaires in the industry some of who became owners of their own companies. He is called the Millionaires Mentor. Fifty-two millionaires credit him with their success. He has personally built several successful online businesses that includes one serving over 742,000 people in multiple countries. Robert’s goal is to help people understand two of the most important elements of business building – multiple income streams and residual income.

marketing systemRobert’s book, “How Is That Working,” has been dubbed a road map from the rat race to freedom. In it, he tells his remarkable story of how he recovered from a tragic accident to become a pioneer and leader in content marketing and a master trainer in online marketing strategies.

Robert’s businesses have yielded him a residual income of over 2.5 million dollars a year. He has inspired, motivated and mentored people from all walks of life and all over the globe.

He also coined the phrase, “Documentation Beats Conversation” because he believes you have to be documented as proof of who or what you say you are as well as what you’re offering.

Pretty impressive!

Back In The Game!

As I continued to explore Robert Hollis, I learned about this marketing system that’s he’s teaching. Wait a minute…let me back up!!

I didn’t realize until I opted in to this proven system that Robert Hollis had retired. He was in full retirement mode when his wife, Teri, decided to become a network marketer. Like many of us, she was not very successful and finally asked her husband for help.

At that time, he was already looking into a company for someone else that he was excited about. He was so impressed about the product, the owners and the compensation plan that he plugged Teri into it and the rest is history.

The great thing about Robert is that he wants everyone to succeed. He wants to help everyone to never have to work for anyone ever again! Sounds like a good deal! He’s kind like that!

Take a listen to him in the video below!

Use this Video to Invite People To The Vision Team Group! You Can Share or Click In This Link To Download And Upload To Your Messager!

Posted by Robert Hollis on Saturday, July 21, 2018

If you’ve been struggling, this is the system to help you become successful.  Check out the free tour and see what it’s all about. I’m sure you’ll agree that having a legend helping you every step of the way is a huge benefit.

Remember, success leaves clues. Here’s a living legend ready and willing to help you…follow his training to the letter. Follow the clues.

Click HERE for the opportunity to take the free tour now!

The Free Tour and Pre-Enrollment

So, now that you’ve taken the free tour and became pre-enrolled, you may be wondering what to do next.

Check out the following video. Robert’s going to tell you!

This Video Guides Through The Tour And Explains What To Do NEXT!

Posted by Robert Hollis on Sunday, June 10, 2018

What’s left is for you to join The Vision Team. That’s the Facebook group where Robert’s training can be found. This is it! This is the gold! Friend me on Facebook at Theresa Candy Lovelace so I can add you to this amazing group!

Once in, follow the series in Units that go from Unit One to Unit Done! You’ll also get some invaluable free gifts!

For more information about the compensation plan and how you get positioned, it’s all in the group.

TAKE ACTION NOW! Time is ticking away!

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