What Are You Posting On Social Media To Attract Your Ideal Prospect?

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Is what you’re posting on social media attracting prospects to you? Do you want to post what your ideal prospect will be drawn to? You may have been missing the mark.

Anywhere you go on the internet, you’re engaged in some kind of content. This could be articles, blog posts, Infographics, videos, PDF, graphs, charts and so on. Some of it may appeal to you while some may not. It depends on what you’re looking for or where your interests lie. This is what you have to consider when posting on social media.

What Are You Posting On Social Media?

ideal customerAll of this content provides useful information to the reader. It’s the kind of information they are searching for and when they find it, they tend to look for similar content from the same person who provided it in the first place.

Would that be you? Are you providing useful content to attract prospects to you? Think about what you post each day. Are you sharing inspirational and motivational image quotes? Maybe you’re sharing funny videos. Family events and gatherings? You may even be posting lifestyle, your company trainings and more than likely your products and services.

All of this sounds good but if it’s not attracting people to you, it’s useless.

Remember, the marketplace is filled with network marketers who are new and struggling as well as those who are not so new but are struggling as well. Your role, whether you want it to be or not, is to add value to other network marketers who seek out solutions and answers. 

Social Media Content That Gives Value And Gets You Noticed

social media for businessPeople are looking for answers and in this industry, you can be sure there are lots of people craving for the answers they need to build their business.

As a rule, always provide value to your audience. Once you determine who your audience is, you can figure out their needs. Post content that will help them solve a problem or answer a question. Share content that addresses what may be keeping them up at night. Provide them with marketing strategies and tips to help them build them business.

social media postsIf you follow the mantra, Learn something new everyday, you will have plenty of knowledge to share with your audience. This could be how to generate leads, how to build an email list, video marketing, tips for doing Facebook lives, how to set up a fan page and so much more. These are some of the areas where network marketers need help and this is what you should focus on to attract them to you.

Social Media Content Goes Beyond Marketing Strategies

social media inspirationIn addition, post motivation and inspiration. In this business, people can sometimes become unmotivated if they are not getting the results they seek. A motivational word may be just what they need to get back on track.

Share stories that inspire. They could be about other marketers and how they went from zero to hero. They could be about regular people who triumphed despite a disability or disadvantage. Everyone needs inspiration at times and that is something you can provide.

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