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People Don’t Join Companies, People Join People

People Join People. Have you ever been around a group of people that you didn’t know but for some reason, you wished you knew them? It could be at a social event or the movie theater or maybe even being stuck in a tunnel on a NYC train. When people are around people they’re comfortable with they laugh, have great conversations and just exude positive vibrations. If you happen to be nearby and see and hear them engaged in their fun and good will, you want in. You wish you could get in. When people like people, they want to join them. People join people.


People Join People

Believe it or not, this applies to your network marketing business too. There are a lot of network marketers who are slinging their links everywhere in the hopes of getting a customer. Just look around, links are everywhere – on timelines, newsfeeds, private messages, groups. I even got a couple of text messages with links. The sad part is that the network marketers who are posting their links don’t realize that this is not the way to market their business. People are not going to respond to a company link shared by someone they don’t know. Why? Because people don’t join companies, people join people so take time to develop yourself as a leader instead.

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3 Easy Ways To Get People To Want To Join You

So you may be wondering how to build a successful network, specifically, how to get people to join you, the person. In order for people to even think of joining you, you have to lay some groundwork first, i.e. position yourself as a leader in the marketplace. Here are three easy ways:

  1. successful network marketingShow people you care. People want to know that someone genuinely cares about them. They want to know that someone will take the time to talk to them about their issues. There are so many network marketers searching for solutions, for help. They’re on the internet searchnig. They don’t know who to listen to, who to trust. In many cases, they don’t know what it is that they don’t know. When you reach out to these strugglers and talk openly to them and allow them to talk openly too, you begin to win their trust.
  2. Show people that you “know your stuff”. Once you find out what the problems or issues are, provide a solution. If social media marketing is the problem, offer a free training. If time management is the issue, offer strategies for organizing time. And so forth. When people see that you know your stuff, they’ll regard you as a leader. It’s human nature that when someone knows that you know where you’re going, they’re going to want to go with you. People join leaders.
  3. mlm recruitingShow up daily. People will begin to expect value and content from you on a daily basis. They’re going to want to see your face and hear your voice. They’ll be looking for the value you provide. They’ll want to see your videos, read your blog posts and status updates and will look forward to receiving your newsletter. At this point, there is a connection between you and them. By now, people will know, like AND trust you. Now, they may be more inclined to be open to your opportunity.

And so it goes. People don’t join companies, people join people. Take the necessary steps to make people want to join you by developing your leadership skills and see how much more successful you’ll be in your mlm recruiting and your network marketing business as a whole.

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12 thoughts on “People Don’t Join Companies, People Join People

  1. YES! The value of competence is underrated. People want to know you care, and they really want to know you know your, uh…stuff (or are at least well connected to someone who does).

  2. The phone calls are not going to stop either and I do not answer the phone anymore if I don’t know who is calling. You are correct however people join people and it is going to take time. If you work your butt off it can happen faster!

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