What Are You Posting On Social Media To Attract Your Ideal Prospect?

Is what you’re posting on social media attracting prospects to you? Do you want to post what your ideal prospect will be drawn to? You may have been missing the mark. Anywhere you go on the internet, you’re engaged in some kind of content. This could be articles, blog posts, Infographics, videos, PDF, graphs, charts […]

7 Of My Most Favorite Inspirational Quotes To Live By

Did you ever come across a quote that was so meaningful, it struck a chord within you and quickly became a favorite? I come across them almost everyday. These are quotes to live by. They seem to have a kind of power to put you on track when you’re off track. They plant a seed […]

Using Presentation Tools Is Network Marketing 101

Do you use presentation tools when exposing a prospect to your opportunity? Or…do you just get to talking? Network marketers have to understand that tools are a vital part of the process. You can’t give a complete and thorough overview without them. That’s Network Marketing 101. What Are Presentation Tools? Tools are DVDs, CDs, videos, brochures […]

Do You Feed Your Mind? Engage in Daily Mindset For Success

Will you eat breakfast this morning? What’s on the menu for lunch? What are you planning on eating for dinner? Feeding your body is important. And whether you know it or not, you have to feed your mind which is equally important!! Why Feed Your Mind? So, are you engaging in daily mindset? You know, feeding […]

Are You Open For Business? Why You Should Have Your Facebook Follow Button Activated

If you’ve ever heard that following people on Facebook gives you more exposure, you’ve heard correct. Your Facebook follow button plays a huge role in this…if it’s activated! When you opened your account with Facebook, you got a profile. That’s your personal place to connect with friends and family, to share pictures and to read […]