why not me

Why Not Me? A Compelling Question

Why not me was the question that highlighted a morning Wake Up Call with Diane Hochman, one of MLSP’s leaders when I first joined the industry a while back. A compelling question! Her words really resonated with me and I started thinking about those three little words that, in actuality, are so very powerful.

There are so many forces out there that pull you in every direction, sometimes making you feel that maybe you’re spinning your network marketing wheels. This is due to a lack of training and a lack of personal development and without the skillset and the mindset, you can feel defeated.


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4 Points To Ponder About Your Company-Replicated Website

You just signed up with a network marketing company and they gave you a website. It’s a company-replicated website and I bet you just love it! It’s neat and sleek…very professionally done. And it’s full of valuable information about your company. A Company-Replicated Website Your company website may have stories about how the company started and maybe some information on the founders. There may be videos … Continue reading 4 Points To Ponder About Your Company-Replicated Website

action plan for success

5-Step Action Plan For Success

how can we achieve successDo you have an action plan for success? Network marketers want to be successful. For many, the thought of being be an overnight success is what motivated them to partner with a company. But soon after they realize there is no overnight success, they stop putting out the effort and just wish and hope for something to happen. Unfortunately, this is not the way it happens. Top earners in the industry didn’t sit and wish and hope for success. They went out and made it happen. And that’s why top earners are top earners today. That’s what it takes to succeed – consistent action.

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you can be a leader

30 Ways You Can Be A Leader In The Marketplace

Did you know that you can be a leader? It’s true! When you decided to build your business online, the door to leadership opened. People will only buy from those they know, like and trust. We all know that. So when you took the online route, it meant getting yourself out there so people could get to know you, like you and trust you. That, … Continue reading 30 Ways You Can Be A Leader In The Marketplace

build relationships

Build Relationships In Your Business

So, you’ve heard it over and over again.  You have to build relationships in order to succeed. That’s because network marketing is a relationships business. You’ve heard that it’s important to extend your network by reaching out and meeting new people. But if you’re new to the industry, you’re probably wondering, How do I do that? Well, it’s time you learned, that is, if you want to build your business and achieve that wonderful existence called FREEDOM!

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flash cash

Don’t Flash Cash, Flash Results

Have you ever seen people who flash cash? They’re the ones who are sitting amongst wads of hundred dollars bills or waving bills around as if there’s plenty more where those came from. Sometimes they are draped on expensive sports cars or standing in front of mansion-like houses. They’re using these props as a trap to catch unsuspecting people looking to make money. If you were … Continue reading Don’t Flash Cash, Flash Results

online marketing

The SECRET Of Online Marketing

New to network marketing? Really new to marketing your business online? You might have heard that online marketing is another option for marketers who want to deviate from the traditional way of prospecting. There’s only one thing! How do you market online in a way that gets you the success you seek, especially if you’ve never done it before. Online Marketing So what is online … Continue reading The SECRET Of Online Marketing

mlm prospecting


The typical schedule of a network marketer includes training, writing content, emailing the list, engaging in mindset and most importantly, prospecting. MLM prospecting is really the foundation of an MLM business because without prospecting, you have no one to talk to and as a result, no one to buy from you.


ways to build trust online

5 Ways To Build Trust Online

Looking for ways to build trust online? As a network marketer new to the industry, you probably have a lot of excitement and energy ready to let loose on all the people out there who need what you have. All those people who are waiting by their Facebook timeline for your link to appear. Right? All those people checking their emails regularly looking for your … Continue reading 5 Ways To Build Trust Online

6 Ways To Be Coachable In Your Network Marketing Business

Are you coachable? That’s one of the first questions you’re asked when looking to join a network marketing company. Most people say they are without a second thought but in many cases, they don’t fully understand what it means to be coachable. What Does It Mean To Be Coachable? Being coachable means that you are ready and willing to change, tranform and make improvements to … Continue reading 6 Ways To Be Coachable In Your Network Marketing Business