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It’s Not About The Product Or Service

I got involved in network marketing a little under year ago, when I heard about a wonderful company and its innovative services. I thought it was something I definitely needed to get involved with. My retirement had just kicked in and I had all the time in the world to make it work. As the year progressed, I realized that it was not as easy as I thought it would be. You have to follow up consistently, touch base and make contact but not be an intrusive nuisance. All of this while trying to get your product or service in front of people. 

Network Marketing 101

network marketingLike every good network marketer just starting out, I created my warm list, made lots of phone calls and got lots of rejections from family, friends and other people I know. No one was even interested in hearing about it. I had to do a lot of follow ups just to get them to look at the site and then more follow ups to get their feedback about what they heard and saw on the site. My initial list has been exhausted but I am always adding names to the list of people I meet when I’m out and about. I have been calling and following up with them but what I’m finding is that I’m not making headway. I’m signing up folks up here and there but not on the scale that I would like. This is not what I expected in network marketing.

I’ve gone through all of the channels that are available to network marketers – I made flyers and posted them throughout the neighborhood, giving out my business card to everyone meet, networking events, vending events, open houses at schools but it’s been hard to get people to say yes. What I found was that some people who do show an interest drag their feet and this makes it difficult to close a deal. It is very frustrating. I was working with a woman who needed the service because she had a disabled son and needed the service to ensure proper documentation on his behalf.

After meeting with her to show her the presentation, she decided she wanted to sign up. This was great! There was a matter of a form she had to fill out and notarize to document his disability, however, she never had it done. This is going back to August and she has yet to return my calls to close.

Another young man needed the service because he is having issues with his children’s mother. He has custody of them but instead of ensuring that they are protected under the law, he procrastinated to the point where after several attempts to contact him, I just stopped. 

So after situations like this, I decided to come up with another strategy. I started posting my network marketing business on internet sites that are designed specifically for entrepreneurs to post and promote their businesses. This was very exciting because now my business was, and still is, pictured and promoted on these sites with other entrepreneurs. I’m in good company but guess what? Still no leads. Thank goodness these were free sites! 

Using A System In Network Marketing Can Get You Leads, Prospects And Customers

hands reaching outStill on my quest for getting leads, prospects and customers, I went on the online network marketing route. I discovered and joined My Lead System Pro (MLSP) and found a wonderfully supportive community there that provides its members with a complete education on marketing. Using the foundations of attraction marketing, generating leads is almost like child’s play.

It is here that I learned the value of attraction marketing for struggling network marketers. It is also here that I have been provided with value of my own and tools to assist other struggling network marketers.

I’ve been attending webinars, interacting with people on social media sites and just digging in. I’m learning so much but most importantly, I’ve learned that network marketing is truly about relationships. People will deal with people they know, like and trust. So here’s the next question.

How do you build trust with a perfect stranger? And who are these strangers I’m trying to bond with anyway? People who I’ve never met, spoke to or ever know. Well, what I’ve learned is that people will trust and like you by what value you bring to them. What do you have to offer them that can help their own businesses? You see, in network marketing, many of the people you’ll be interacting with are people just like you, struggling with their own businesses. They’re also people who may be interested in your products or services.

So the key is to provide them with valuable information that can help them in their struggles. And they’ll be eternally grateful. So grateful that they’ll trust and like you. Okay, I get it now. That’s the “trust” and “like you” part!  And they’ll keep coming back for more! At this point, they feel comfortable enough with you, the value you provide, the knowledge you demonstrate, the understanding of their needs. For example, directing them to a webinar, a product or a free video, articles of interest and motivational and inspirational quotes are the kinds of things that bring value…so now they’re kind of feeling you, getting your vibe. I like this attraction marketing thing!

relationshipsBecoming A Person Of Value in Network Marketing

From my own experiences, I know that there are so many other network marketers out there who are experiencing the same things I did. Let’s face it. Network marketing is not easy and we all need help. But where is the help coming from? Well, would you take advice from someone who was not immersed in the field you needed help with? Of course not. You want someone who is knowledgeable in the area you need assistance with, someone who can offer you tips and strategies, someone who can make suggestions and provide you with training.  It could just be one golden nugget that could make a big difference for your business. There are several ways:

1. Establish a rapport with fellow network marketers. Find out who they are and what their product or service is. Be genuinely interested in how it’s going for them. Remember, many network  marketers are struggling and need strategies to make their businesses work. Click HERE to find out more about how to build rapport.

2. After hearing about them and what their struggles are, share your story with them. Tell them what made you decide to join your network marketing company and what obstacles you faced.

3. Offer them some valuable content, strategies and information that will be useful to help them move their businesses.

4. Keep growing your knowledge base and continue to share what you know. You will soon become an authority and will be recognized as one.

People will gravitate towards you as a result of what you offer them and you will begin to see a positive change in your own business.  Just remember that network marketing really is a relationships business.

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