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Mindset is critical in network marketing. In this business, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t want success or want to be successful. Who doesn’t want a new lifestyle where you can close your eyes at night and not have to worry about how you’re going to pay your bills, or have the ability to spend all of your time with your family, or just being able to deal with life as it happens on your terms? Having a business, though, isn’t only about “the business”.  Marketing is only one piece of it but another critical piece, the most important piece, is YOU and that’s where mindset comes in.

your personal developmentTo be successful, we have to work on ourselves just as much as, if not more than, our businesses. So many network marketers have come from the traditional workplace and have found an entirely new set of rules and struggle just based upon that. But they don’t suffer from anything that mindset and professional development on a daily basis, can’t cure! 

What Is Mindset?

So, what is personal development anyway and why is it so important? Before entering the world of network marketing or entrepreneurship, your personal development was never stressed. I worked in the school system for almost thirty years and never once did anyone emphasize personal development. I, along with everyone else, was expected to arrive to work everyday, put in a full day’s work and then go home. There was no focus on developing your abilities with the idea of reaching your full potential. There was no importance placed upon setting goals and focusing daily on those goals. Once in a while, there might be a training on the “buzz” of the day or “hype” about the new school year and what we wanted to achieve. But once the training was over,  so was the buzz and once the new year got underway, the hype became a memory.

Common Industry Fears

Those new to the industry are confronted with fears that can break them without engaging in daily mindset.

  • fear of failure
  • fear of success
  • fear of rejection
  • fear of what others will say
  • fear of leaving the comfort zone

These fears may be experienced to some extent in the traditional workplace and in different contexts. They are more prominent in the network marketing industry, though. Why? Simply because network marketing demands that one step out of the comfort zone which can be scary. It’s difficult for people to advance in their business if these and other fears are left unchecked. They remain in their zone of comfort. This is the reason mindset is critical. Mindset works on the person. It helps develop and maintain a positive thinking necessary for success and helps them venture out of the comfort zone.

your personal developmentMindset can come from books written by experts in the field such as Tony Robbins, Napolean Hill and Robert Kiyosaki. Videos by Jim Rohn and Les Brown are other examples that teach how to change your mindset for positive results. Without working on the mindset, it will be difficult to be successful.

What Is Professional Development?

Professional development is equally important if you are going to succeed in your business. So what’s the difference between mindset and professional development? Mindset deals with the mind, how you view yourself and breaking away from the things that hold you back. Professional development, on the other hand, refers to the skills, knowledge and education that are needed to advance you in your career or profession. The on-going process of professional development enables you to perform your daily activities in an effective and efficient way. It’s imperative to keep abreast of the marketplace. It’s important to learn what’s relevant to market your business. There is always something to learn and it’s up to the network marketer to invest time and money into his/her learning. This acquisition of skills, knowledge and experience in invalable to you as you continue to grow and develop into a professional. Professional development can take the form of webinars, videos, publications, workshops and online courses. It also  takes the form of coaching from an expert, seminars, conferences or mentoring from someone with experience. Information is easily accessible. Here is a collection of inexpensive professional development opportunities.

Putting It All Together

Mindset and professional development are both essential pieces that lead to success. Make it a daily habit, part of your regimen and routine to engage in both.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” -Viktor E. Frankl Click To Tweet

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