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Marketing tips are a marketers best friend. Being a network marketer takes skill and practice. Like most marketers, you’re probably looking for tips and tricks to enhance your marketing. You can do and/or try each marketing tip listed below to put yourself in a position to gain recognition as well as customers. Here are a few:

Marketing Tip #1 – Create an Online Survey

facebook marketingEver think that your audience could help you with your marketing strategies? There are several products that you can use that will give you the ability to create an online survey. You can send the survey via email or a social media blast. The results can provide an opportunity to make changes in your marketing plan or can be used as content for a blog post or other forms of communication between you and potential prospects. Knowing your audience’s preferences, habits and attitude can help you fine-tune your marketing strategies for optimum results!

Marketing Tip #2 – Extend Your Network

When building your business, it is important to extend your network by forming relationships. This only comes about by reaching out to others, on a totally “friendly” level. Get to know people, who they are, what they do, what interests they have. Comment on their page and posts and interact often. Include them on your daily newsletter and let them be the recipient of your wisdom and knowledge. Send personalized birthday greetings and holiday wishes. When the time is right and you’ll know when it’s right, you can then pitch your business without looking “pitchy”. This is when the know, like and trust factor takes effect and you will more than likely have a permanent customer.

Marketing Tip #3 – Share Your Knowledge

There’s lots of information out there and there are also lots of network marketers out there who need it. Sometimes, though, they’re not in the right place at the right time to receive it. When you attend a webinar or watch a video, read a book or hear a leader speak, takes notes and create a blog post, video, status update or any other vehicle to share the information. This is what we, as network narketers, do. We share our knowledge and help others get it too! Each one teach one…at its best!

Marketing Tip #4 – Be Prepared To Test Your Activities

orange marketingAs a marketer, you have to put things together and see how they work. You use campaigns and funnels and videos and so much more but what good is any of it if you don’t know how it’s working. In looking at your results on a regular basis, you can decide to add something or to remove something, to use more of something and perhaps, less of something. Frequency may play a role just as timing might. But it all boils down to doing, then evaluating then modifying. This is the work of a marketer.

Marketing Tip #5 – Be A Better Storyteller

Marketing is all about telling. If you’re going to attempt to sell something, you’ll have better results by telling a story. Approaching people with the cold, hard facts doesn’t create that “what’s in it for me” mentality and they most likely won’t respond favorably. However, if you tell a story about what the product did for you, or how the service helped you or someone you know, this helps people gauge what the product can do for them. This is a sure way to get a sale!

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