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Some time after I joined the network marketing industry, I had the opportunity to watch a video that really added value to my arsenal of marketing strategies. It talked about a strategy called Invest Learn Teach (ILT) and how using it could position a marketer as a leader. As network marketing professionals, we engage in a variety of learning experiences on a daily basis. These come in the forms of reading books and blog posts, watching videos, participating in webinars, listening in on wake up calls, attending company events, buying courses and more.

Each of these learning situations provides some new information or knowledge that we can easily and quickly utilize to help propel our businesses a bit further. We listen and/or read and while doing so, we take notes. Taking notes is one way many of us can remember what we learned.

teachingWe want to capture the valuable learning at the time it’s being delivered and so we eagerly write down everything we hear. However, once the learning is over, we simply put our notes somewhere, in a drawer or file cabinet and refer to them whenever WE need them. One thing that we absolutely must begin to do, though, is share our notes. Why? Because our notes are valuable, not only to us, but to the many people who may not have read that book we read or viewed the video we viewed, participated in that webinar or took that course.  And they are starving for the learning!

Let’s face it, our company event did not include people everywhere. It included the company team and their guests. But what about all those people out there who were not afforded those learning opportunities? Shouldn’t they gain some knowledge about network marketing too? Wouldn’t the strategies we learned be helpful to them? When you think about the many network marketers out there who are struggling and don’t have anywhere to turn, you should also think about the role you play in helping them. They should be able to turn to YOU. This is where you would use the Invest Learn Teach strategy, a strategy I learned from top earner, Ray Higdon.

So here’s what I learned from Mr. Higdon’s video. This very simple strategy called Invest, Learn, Teach (ILT) can be done as often as you learn something new and would like to teach to others. So, you invest time or money into learning something. Once you learn it, you teach it. Really, really simple, right? Everytime you read an amazing book, watch an amazing video, participate in an amazing webinar, attend an amazing event or take an amazing course, take notes, summarize the golden nuggets you get and then translate them into a blog post, a quick video, a Facebook status or some other means of communicating it to people.

Now here’s the 4-step model:  1. introduce  2. ask a question  3. content and 4. call to action.

invest learn teach2Putting Invest, Learn, Teach Into Practice

So, first you introduce yourself by saying…”Hi My name is TL. (introduction)  Then you ask, “Do you struggle with generating leads for your network marketing business?”  (question)  “Well, I’m going to show you what you can do to have leads reaching out to you.  I was watching a webinar the other night with top earner, Ray Higdon. He basically taught that if  you create content similar to this blog based on notes that you take from reading a blog post, viewing a video, attending a webinar, reading a book or event training, you can summarize the information, put it out there and you could attract leads. Now, the question is, do you have notes laying around? You can put them in a blog post or video and could generate leads today. (content) My name is TL. I hope you found this video/blog helpful. If you did, please comment and share, visit my website, email me or visit my blog. By the way, if you would like to get a hold of the attraction marketing system I learned this concept, click on the link below this video. (call to action) This can be done with videos, blog posts or whatever way you share the information.

And that’s it!  Follow the model each time you learn something – and share it!  The more you do it, the more you will be viewed as an authority in the industry. People will trust you, seek you out, follow you and eventually BUY from you. Helping people is the theme here! You won’t get very far if you don’t embrace this attraction marketing concept.  It is vital for your business!

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