How To Set SMART Goals For Success In Life And Business

How To Set SMART Goals
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Do you know how to set SMART goals? Have you set goals for yourself? Do you know what you want and where you want to be…and by when?

People set goals all the time but fall short because they haven’t put much thought into them.

Writing a goal in your journal isn’t the same thing as actually setting a plan into action so you can achieve that goal.

So what you have to do is to be SMART about setting goals. You have to learn how to set SMART goals.

How To Set Smart Goals

why set goals

When setting goals, make sure they are SMART goals.

In this way, your efforts are more focused…

You can better clarify your ideas…

You can better focus your efforts…

And you can use your time and resources to be more productive…

This will help you better your chances of achieving what you desire.

SMART goals are structured and allow for specificity and easy tracking.

How To Write SMART Goals

The acronym SMART can guide you as you set more achievable goals. The following explains how to set smart goals.

The process begins with being specific.

smart goalsS: SPECIFIC – this is the 5Ws and how of your goal; what you want to accomplish…

What is your intended goal? What do you want to accomplish?

SMART. I want to lose 10 lbs.

Who is involved? Will there be others working with you to accomplish the go?

SMART. I’ll hire a personal trainer.

Why do you want to accomplish the goal? (reasons; the purpose or benefits)

SMART. I want to get healthy.

When do you want to have accomplished the goal? (set a timeframe)

SMART. By October 15th.

Where will it take place? (identify a location, if applicable)

SMART. My local gym.

How will you go about it (what will be put into place; resources needed)

SMART. I’ll schedule an hour at the gym 5 days a week.

Your Goals Must Be Measurable

M: MEASURABLE – you must be able to track your progress and measure the level of success. This also keeps you motivated. These questions need to be answered:

How much?

Then how many?

And how will I know when it is accomplished?

SMART. When I get on the scale and see 10 lbs. less in weight.

Your Goals Must Be Attainable

importance of goal settingA: ATTAINABLE – your goal must be realistic and attainable; able to be reached in the given time frame.

Your Goals Must Be Relevant

R: RELEVANT – Your goal has to matter and has to align with your other life goals. These questions need to be answered:

Does this seem worthwhile?

Is this the right time?

Does this match my other efforts and needs?

Your Goals Must Be Time-Bound

T: TIME-BOUND – a target date; when do you plan to accomplish the goal. This gives you focus and something to work toward.

If you’ve been struggling with setting goals, use the process above on how to set SMART goals. 

They will give you an action plan, keep you motivated and on track toward reaching your goals.

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