How To Meet New People On Facebook Everyday

how to meet new people

Are you building your audience? If not, you should be. You should be meeting 10 people every day in order to do so. This is one of Diane Hochman’s, Queen of Attraction Marketing and top earner in the network marketing industry, non-negotiables.

Quite a lot of marketers find difficulty in this. They simply don’t know how to meet new people, and further, what to say.  In a recent interview with Diane Hochman, which was part of the MLSP Attraction Marketing Virtual Summit, this topic came up.

How To Meet New People

One thing Diane said that was an “aha” moment for me was that you meet people through people. Doesn’t that make sense? I used to go around searching for people at random, typing in keywords and names of companies looking for people who shared something with me. This was time-consuming because a lot of people who came up in the search results weren’t even active on Facebook. It had been two or three years since their last post.

Where To Meet People

Granted, you can still find people to connect with in this way but I like Diane’s way much better. It seems so easy to make friends with people who know people that you already know. Or, people who are in the same circle as you.

Now this is where the problem comes for many marketers. Where to find people?

So you go to a friend’s page. Perhaps one with lots of engagement. Scroll down to find a post that has lots of comments and replies. Read and engage. Comment on the post then comment on the replies. People will notice you right away. Since people are curious they will want to know who you are. They will check out your profile, may follow you, may send a friend request or a message. All four actions are a result of you activating yourself. Based on how they reach out to you, you, in return, reach out to them.

You know these people are active because you found them engaging on someone’s post.

You can do the same thing on a leader’s page. Leaders like Ray Higdon, Eric Worre, Tony Robbins, Darren Hardy, Todd Falcone, to name a few have lots of engagement on their posts.

This is how it starts. In many cases, lasting relationships are formed simply because of engagement on a post.

Do this ten times a day. If you struggle with 10 times, set a goal for five times a day but stick to it.

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