How Are Marketing And Sales Different?

How Are Marketing And Sales Different

Here’s a question that has sparked many debates over time: How are marketing and sales different? Do you think of sales and marketing as the same thing? Many people do…incorrectly so but they do.

How Are Marketing And Sales Different?

I was watching an interview with Tyson Zahner who is known as the authority on branding and marketing automation. It was part of the MLSP Attraction Marketing Virtual Summit. One of the many things he spoke about was this idea of sales being the same as marketing.  It was an interesting spin on the difference between sales and marketing.

sales and marketingThere are a large number of people who are busy on social media everyday. They are talking about their product, service or opportunity. They never miss a chance sharing it with someone else…even if they just met the person. You can see videos about their company and the products on their profile and/or their business page. They share these same videos in groups. They tell about how great the product is and what it can do for you. Everywhere you look, it seems, there they are talking about their company.

Sales Is Different From Marketing

If you ask them, they are marketing. And they really believe that they are! You see, the end result of all that activity is someone signing up or possibly making a purchase. What that person did was not marketing. He was actually selling. 

sales and marketing processMarketing Is Different From Sales

On the other hand, you may see people sharing content on a regular basis. They may be teaching a social media strategy or giving tips on how to generate leads. Maybe they’re sharing some important mindset or inspiration.

This is why it is critical to know your target audience so you can cater to their needs, their struggles and their pain points. In knowing exactly what they need, you can tailor your content to meet their needs. Doing this on a regular basis allows them the opportunity to see you as the credible authority that you. A credible authority gets eyeballs, followers and an audience. Now, you can easily share what you have and they’ll easily become paying customers. This is how you make sales. 

All of these activities are about helping people. This is what marketing is all about. It’s the marketing that is done on a daily, consistent basis that eventually creates the trust factor and leads to the eventual sale. 

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How Can You Distinguish Between Marketing and Sales

A simple way to remember, according to Zahner, is that sales is about you and marketing is about the prospect. What selling does is gets you something while marketing gets the prospect something. This is how you can easily distinguish between marketing and sales. 

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