If You Want To Succeed, You Begin By Helping Others

helping others

You’ve probably heard that in order to make it in this industry, you have to help a lot of people first. That’s the way it is. That’s the way it works. You make it by helping others.

Ways of Helping Others

So if you’re new to this industry, you’re probably wondering how can I help people? You may even be thinking that YOU need help yourself! Well, it doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or seasoned, everyone has something they know, can do or can learn and then teach someone else.

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Here are some ways you can help others:

Being A Good Listener

helping other peopleYou’re going to come across people who will be going through difficult situations in their life. It could be a financial situation, a family conflict or even a health-related problem. In many cases, they just need someone to talk to. The listener doesn’t have to be judgmental or give advice. Just being a sympathetic ear can help them through the hard time.

Sharing Your Own Experiences

Sometimes people think they are the only ones going through a difficult time. When you share you own personal story, it lets them know that they are not alone in the experience.

In addition, they can gather hope from you because you share not only the experience but how you resolved it or the steps you may be taking to resolve it.

Being Trustworthy

helping peopleSometimes in your conversations with others, they may confide in you about certain things. Those things could be related to their own personal issues or issues related to their business.

It’s so important to keep their confidence and remain the person they felt they could trust. When you’re trustworthy, people will be more open with you making it easier to build a relationship.

Being Genuine

In many situations, there are marketers who portray themselves as something they’re not. They make wild claims to be coaches or mentors. They call themselves gurus or experts when in reality, they’re nothing close to it. That’s just a way to get others to believe that they can “show them the way”.

People want to connect with real people, people who are on the same journey as they are and who are experiencing the same challenges. It’s important here to be who you are are, authentic, real. If you’re struggling with a skill, it’s okay to let them know that.  You can’t go wrong when you’re genuine.

Being An Inspiration

ways you can help peopleMost likely, you’ve seen numerous motivational and inspirational quotes all over social media.

In addition, you’ve probably seen lots of what is called, lifestyle posts. These are the kinds of content people look to as inspirational. Why? Because they need to be inspired. They may be slow in making a decision to take charge of their lives. Maybe they find excuses to keep from stepping out of the comfort zone – something they may be terrified of doing.

When they see others doing it, taking action, living the life…on and offline, it inspires them to take action.

These are some ways you can begin to help others in your own journey for success.

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