Have You Ever Used The Feel Felt Found Method?

feel felt found method

Do you get lots of objections when sharing your product, service or opportunity? Do you get frustrated or angry or maybe even begin questioning yourself?

Some marketers feel that way when they’re faced with an objection and, in some cases, want to give it all up. But if they heard of and used the Feel Felt Found method, they probably wouldn’t feel that way.

The Feel Felt Found Method

feel felt foundHave you ever used the Feel Felt Found method to overcome objections in your business? As a network marketer you have to go through many no’s before you get a yes. A great many of these no’s come attached with what are called objections.

Some of the most “popular” objections are:
*I don’t have any money right now
*I don’t have time to put into that
*Is that one of those pyramid schemes
*I was in a network marketing company before and I didn’t make any money
*I have to talk to my spouse.

Sound familiar?

How The Feel Found Felt Strategy Works

how to become successful in network marketingA lot of marketers lose possible sales or recruits because once the prospect gives an objection, they retreat…not knowing what else to do.

One strategy that works well is the Feel Felt Found method.

When the prospect gives his objection…whatever it may be…you simply say, I know how you feel. This lets him know that you “hear him”…that you empathize with him. He now feels understood.

You then go on to tell him that you felt that way too…or maybe one of your customers or recruits felt that way. This tells him that he’s NOT the only one that feels this way. Now he feels validated in his reasoning.

objection handlingFinally, what you tell him is what you found or what your customer or recruit found after moving forward with it. This could be a way to make extra money each month or maybe a noticeable loss of weight in a short time. It could be the ability to quit the job or having more time with your family. These are some the kinds of “founds” that might be appealing to the prospect. They are the some of the things he may be searching for.

So the next time you get an objection, use the Feel Felt Found method to get you closer to a yes.

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  1. Sherri Brown
    Sherri Brown
    January 6, 2018 at 2:05 am

    Love it. It’s an effective way to handle quick sales objections from the customer’s reactive feelings against selling.

  2. Jelena Ostrovska
    Jelena Ostrovska
    January 6, 2018 at 2:31 am

    We want to instil in the mind of the customer that it’s a normal part of the purchasing process.

  3. Larry Hochman
    Larry Hochman
    January 6, 2018 at 3:28 pm

    Funny (and quick) story: I first learned this method when I was training to sell encyclopedias door to door…in 1988! Never did get that career off the ground, but the logic behind is still just as timely. 🙂

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