Are You Open For Business? Why You Should Have Your Facebook Follow Button Activated

If you’ve ever heard that following people on Facebook gives you more exposure, you’ve heard correct. Your Facebook follow button plays a huge role in this…if it’s activated!

When you opened your account with Facebook, you got a profile. That’s your personal place to connect with friends and family, to share pictures and to read interesting, informative and entertaining content shared by others.

Your Facebook Follow Button

facebook followersHowever, if you’re in business, you need more than your profile to get “eyes” on you. Remember, you can have up to 5000 friends on your personal profile but the number of followers is limitless.

If you ever get a chance to look at profiles of people in business, entrepreneurs, network marketers, affiliate marketers and anyone else with a product or service to sell, see if you can find their follow button. While many people have it activated, you’ll be surprised to see how many don’t. 

It’s quite true that you can’t manage hundreds or thousands of friends but by having your follow button activated, you are making it possible for hundreds of thousands of people to follow you. All by activating the button and then providing quality content.

follow buttonThat means exposure and lots of it! You’ll eventually pop up on their news feed. Aside from commenting on a post that may resonate with them, they may also share the post. They may reach out to you, send you a message or friend request. The beginnings of a relationship.

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14 thoughts on “Are You Open For Business? Why You Should Have Your Facebook Follow Button Activated

  1. You have highlighted a great point in your blog post and you are right, most people do not use this feature in their facebook accounts, it is very important to use this button specifically for internet marketers.

  2. I always thought it was turned on by default, as mine is ALWAYS on.

    Thanks for this reminder…we really need to check at times if we are indeed open for business, across ALL our Social Media platforms!

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