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5 Email Subject Lines That Get Your Emails Opened

Email subject lines. People send emails all day and even all night long. Our email inboxes are full of information from everywhere. We spend our valuable time deleting those that are of no interest to us and reading others that may suit our fancy. But what’s the difference between emails that get read and those that get deleted? The answer lies in the subject line.

Email Subject Lines That Grab Attention

When composing an email for your list, think of how you can say what you want to say making sure it gets opened. There are several kinds of email subject lines that say, “Open me!” Here are five of those effective email subject lines!

  1. effective email subject linesSubject Lines That Ask a Question – When you pose a question in a subject line, it draws the reader in with the intention of finding the answer. It’s human nature for people to think they know the answer and read on just to find out if their answer was correct. In some cases, the person can identify with the situation in the question and are even more inclined to open the email looking for a possible solution. Questions make people think and respond and that’s why they are so effective in a subject line. Here’s an example of a question in a subject line: “Why Are So Many Network Marketers Struggling To Build Their Business?”
  2. Subject Lines That Fascinate – Words like amazing, discover, unlock, revealed and secrets definitely pique curiosity. When used in a subject line, people automatically go for the click. Why? People are compelled to find out something new, unknown or never before told about. Again, it’s human nature. Here’s an example of a subject line that fascinates: “Unknown Secrets of Top Earners Revealed.”
  3. best subject lines for email marketingSubject Lines That Indicate a List – Lists are a favorite because they promise the reader a summarized version of information. They’re easy to read, easy to focus on and are a convenient way to get the information. Here’s an example of a subject line indicating a list: “7 Strategies To Increase Productivity.”
  4. Subject Lines with a Testimonial – A testimonial entices people to want to try a new product or service. It does this by offering social proof or even validates the product or service. Most people want to know if someone used the product or service and how useful or beneficial it was for them. What’s even better is if a public figure or celebrity is the one giving the testimonial. Here’s an example of a subject line with a testimonial: “How MLSP Helped Ray Higdon Become a Industry Leader”.
  5. best email subject linesSubject Lines That Offer a Benefit – Keeping in mind that features tell and benefits sell tells us that a subject line that emphasizes a benefit is more apt to draw attention. Why? Because people care more about how they will benefit from something than the features.  For example, a treadmill is a piece of equipment that may be sturdy, durable and easy to store away. However, most people want to know how it will help them lose weight and get healthy. Here’s an example of a subject line that offers a benefit: “Earn Money While Relaxing on the Beach.”

Four Quick Tips for Email Subject Lines

When writing copy for your email subject line, remember email subject lines best practices. Always talk about what’s of interest to the reader, explain an easy way to do something, inform them of something they don’t know and pique their interest.

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  1. Hi Theresa. Thank you for sharing this. A lot of tips out there show you how to write the body of an email, but always forget to teach on how to craft email subjects that would be clicked/opened.

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