Are You Easily Distracted By Shiny Objects?

Easily Distracted By Shiny Objects

Are you easily distracted by shiny objects? If you have shiny object syndrome, you most definitely are.  So, let’s take a look. I’m sure you’ve probably seen old movies or television shows where one of the characters was hypnotized. 

He sits in a chair and the hypnotist is holding an object, usually a shiny watch or gem, in front of him, moving it from side to side as he slowly whispers some words that have a calming effect on the character.

The shiny object draws the character in. He can’t take his eyes off of it. After a while, he starts getting sleepy and finally falls under the control of the hypnotist. 

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What Is Shiny Object Syndrome And Why Are So Many People Easily Distracted By Shiny Objects?

shiny objectsThe Shiny Object Syndrome is similar. The marketer gets his sights on a shiny object. In this case, it’s a new strategy or method of doing something.

It can be a top earner’s new course or a tried and true product that promises results. The marketer hears the words of the top earner himself promising great results if done exactly how instructed. He needs this to get results, he thinks to himself. Almost immediately, he convinces himself he’s going to commit to it. He buys in.

While there’s nothing wrong with a course or product designed to help you succeed, the problem is that the marketer quickly abandons what he was working on so he can dive into the “new thing.” He becomes hypnotized by it and is seemingly is under its control. He believes that this is what’s going to make all the difference.

Now he’s motivated and full of new energy. He has recommitted himself. The marketer’s total focus is this “new thing”…until…yes until…the next “new thing” rolls around.

Shiny Object Syndrome is a widespread condition that can be hazardous to your business. Many marketers are easily distracted by shiny objects.

They jump around from one strategy to another. When you jump around, you don’t give yourself a chance to see results in what you’re already doing.

Your new focus takes away from your current focus and eventually your current focus becomes just another failed attempt to get results.

It’s called shiny object syndrome because it’s the entrepreneurial equivalent of a small child chasing after shiny objects. Once they get there and see what the object is, they immediately lose interest and start chasing the next thing. Click To Tweet

Shiny Objects Look Pretty

shiny object syndrome

Just like any other new thing, a shiny object will catch your eye. It’s pretty and shiny and new. You’ll want it and won’t be happy until you get it.

It holds a promise to change your condition, your situation, your attitude, even your life. But shiny objects only cause more frustration than what the marketer had originally because they are only temporary – temporary because you won’t stick with it long enough to see if it works. 

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. Click To Tweet

Don’t Be Easily Distracted By Shiny Objects

If you really want results, again, stick with what you’re doing. Don’t allow yourself to become easily distracted by shiny objects. If you’re using a system or what is shiny object syndromeimplementing a strategy and actually stick with it you’ll:

* Get a result if you apply what you learn and keep at it consistently.

* Gain confidence as you master a skill or strategy and can then provide value to the marketplace.

* Further your current knowledge when you continue to invest in yourself with courses or products within that topic.

* Eventually master the strategy and become a credible authority in it.

* Be sought out for training and be regarded as a leader.

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  1. Karen Andrews
    Karen Andrews
    March 2, 2018 at 6:12 pm

    Great post about shiny objection Theresa! I think it shows up when people feel that they aren’t good enough, and feel that they don’t know enough. Those fears set in, and they think…once I get this course, I’ll be fine. And before you know it, another course shows up and of course, just have to have that one too. Just take that first step and do the work.

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