Do You Have A Bucket List? What’s On It And Why?

Do You Have A Bucket List

Ah, the bucket list! Do you have a bucket list? Lots of people have been putting things on a list all throughout their life. Some start their bucket list when they suddenly realize that they are unfulfilled in their life. They begin doing some serious thinking and don’t want the end to come without something noteworthy they’ve accomplished.

Others begin theirs right before they retire. They have more time to accomplish things they didn’t have time to do before and in some cases, they have a sense of urgency about it.

Some people don’t have a bucket list and don’t plan on having one.

So what exactly is a bucket list?

kick the bucketA bucket list is a physical list or a mental note of things people want to achieve before they “kick the bucket”. They’re usually the things they haven’t accomplished. In some cases, they may feel that they’ll never accomplish them if they don’t put it on the bucket list.

The physical list is more likely to become sort of a working document as to the mental note. When you write something down, as you probably know, it actually has a greater chance of happening.

Do You Have A Bucket List?

I think many people look at their lives or back on their lives and realize they haven’t accomplished anything noteworthy. They’re not happy and unsatisfied. So they begin building this incredible list of things they want to do to reflect a more fulfilling life. It really becomes a kind of life goals list.

Some of the things on a typical bucket list are wild and outlandish feats. They have gotten some people seriously and it’s the urgency of getting that particular task done for fear of missing the chance pushes them to the limit.

On the other hand, there are other bucket list items that reflect more sensible things to accomplish for a life well-lived.

So, do you have a bucket list? You know, a list of things to do before you die? What are some things you want to do to add quality to your life? What do you want to do that will give you a greater sense of fulfillment?

Some Typical Things On A Bucket List

things to do before you dieIf you were to examine the bucket lists of different people, you’d see a wide variety of things people have decided they are determined to do. Here are some examples: travel, become a photographer, get a crazy, new hair color, learn a new language, climb a mountain, bungee jump off a cliff, run a marathon, scuba dive and be a mentor. My personal bucket list item is to attend a Tony Robbins event.

Now those are just a few of the many, many things people want to do before they “kick the bucket” as the expression goes. You can find an extensive list here.

Why Some People Shy Away From Having A Bucket List

If you ask some people about their bucket list, they’ll tell you that they don’t have one and never will. It seems that with a bucket list, there is a fixation on death and dying. Not that anyone wants to die but they don’t want to die without their accomplishment. Things are added to the list and then comes the frenzy in accomplishing them before death comes a-knocking.

It’s a pity that people just want to accomplish outlandish feats before they die with no real lasting feeling of purpose other than just having climbed that mountain or running the marathon. While they are great and challenging things to do, how do they add value and meaning to your life? Will they leave a lasting legacy?

In many cases, the task is so unrealistic that they may never accomplish it. In other cases, people have gotten hurt attempting to do the outlandish. While in still other cases, people get so focused on their bucket list item, they miss out on all the incredible incidentals staring right at them.

For most people, they just want to focus on life and living. They want to do good along life’s journey, help when they can, serve when they can and make a difference whenever they can. Now that’s legacy material!

An Alternative to The Traditional Bucket List

Having a bucket list can be a great thing but it’s not so great when it’s loaded with unrealistic items. I think it would be meaningful to just live life doing small acts that leave you fulfilled. Volunteering to feed the homeless and hungry is a great way to find fulfillment. What about teaching a kid to read? Better yet, why not teach an adult to read or a class of adults?

When I was a teacher many years ago, there was an after school club run by a few fellow teachers called The Afghan Club. They taught the children how to crochet blankets for the sick. It was very successful and very meaningful to the teachers as well as the children.

So, in most cases, there’s nothing wrong with having a bucket list with things you want to do that will leave a legacy. However, you’ll want to be careful not to do things just for the sake of doing them. There’s no real value in that and the time you take to do some crazy stunt that ultimately no one will care about or even remember, can be better served doing more useful and rewarding things for your betterment or the betterment of others.

Think on it and you’ll come up with some great ideas!

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