Do You Have A Daily Method Of Operation To Increase Your Productivity?

daily method of operation

You’re awakened by your cell phone alarm. Time to get the kids up for school. After a whirlwind 45 minutes of fixing breakfast, sharpening pencils and signing permission slips for the class trip, you pile them up in the car and off you go. Two go to the elementary school, one goes to the middle school – 20 minutes away from each other. Do you have a daily method of operation?

A Day Without A Daily Method Of Operation

Once home, you sit down to begin your morning marketing activities. You begin by emailing your list. Halfway through the email, you remember that you hadn’t taken increase your productivitythe clothes out of the dryer the night before. You go down to the basement, get the clothes from the dryer and begin to fold them. The kids are spending the weekend with their grandmother so they’ll need clean clothes. You’d better get some ironing done while you’re at it. You look at the clock and decide to make it quick so you can get your some marketing done.

After you’re done, you go back to the email, finish it and send. Always thinking ahead, you decide you’d better go to the supermarket to pick up some groceries before the morning gets away from you. You won’t have time later because after you pick the kids up, two from the elementary school and one from the middle school – 20 minutes away, you have a parent-teacher conference. So you jump into your car, drive to the supermarket, grab some groceries and head back home.

While driving, you get a call from a friend who’s having some personal issues and needs someone to talk to. So instead of making that right turn to your house, you make the left to her house. After about an hour of listening and consoling, you drive back to your house to get back to work. Now you can begin that blog. You look at the clock. Have to pick the kids up in one hour. You think, “Where did the day go? I’ll get the blog done now.” You sit down at your computer and begin. As you’re putting the blog together, you’re hearing notification after notification on Facebook. You stop and read every one.

Does Your Day Get Away From You?

how to be productiveDoes this sound remotely familiar? We have so many things going on in our lives that a lot of times, we’re racing against the clock to get everything done. Some marketers have mastered their activities and get everything done everyday. Those are the ones who are seeing results and meeting their daily goals. The others, however, have yet to become skilled at this and at the end of the day, wonder why they’re not seeing results in their business. Time management is only part of the problem. The other part is what is actually being done that makes a difference to your business. Checking emails and notifications doesn’t count as money-making activities. If you need help in your fight against time, you need a Daily Method of Operation aka a DMO.

What Is A Daily Method Of Operation?

A daily method of operation is a daily plan of the marketing activities you commit to accomplish each day. You allot specific times to do specific activities and you do them every day. Ask any successful marketer what their secret to success is and they’ll tell you consistency. By having a daily method of operation, you are forced to be consistent, that is, if you follow it religiously. So, what kinds of activities would be included in a DMO?  Here are the basic marketing activites that should be part of a marketer’s DMO (in no particular order):

  • mindset, personal development
  • affirmations
  • email your list
  • call/follow up with leads
  • deliver content (blog post, status update, video, etc.)
  • prospecting
  • training

A DMO ensures that key money-making activities are completed each day and this consistent and daily action is what ensures success.

What Does A DMO Look Like?

how to increase productivityA typical DMO may look like this:

6:30-7:30 Affirmations and Mindset (can be done while fixing breakfast)

9:30-12:30 Content creation and sharing; email the list, reaching out to people, making friends, beginning the relationship building

12:30-1:30 Call leads, follow up calls

6:30-7:30 Reaching out to people, making friends, beginning the relationship

9:00-11:00 Learning/training

Use A DMO To Increase Your Productivity And Give You More Time

What you should see here is that your entire day does not have to be engulfed in a hodgepodge of unplanned activities. Clearly, there is time for your marketing and time for your regular household activities. Some activities can be overlapped. For example, a mindset video or audio can be on while breakfast is being prepared or on the way home from dropping the kids to school.

Plan your day in advance so that when you awake each morning, you know exactly what to do and how much time you have to get it done.

It is important to let the other members of your household know that what you’re doing is important. Tell them that the times you block out for business must be regarded as sacred. As a reminder, if you don’t view your business as important, no one else will either.

Finally, you have to adopt the mindset that working from home doesn’t mean you can sleep in every day, take TV breaks and make social/personal calls throughout the day. Working from home means working! And that’s why a Daily Method of Operation, DMO, is a must for success!

As long as you have a plan and you stick to the plan every day, you will be able to do your marketing and carry out your other roles and responsibilities.

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  1. Chris Shouse
    Chris Shouse
    November 2, 2015 at 5:41 pm

    Great post about your daily method of operation! It really is important to have one and try to keep to it as much as you can! What is the MOST important aspect? In my opinion it is Mindset. Without Mindset nothing else will fall into place.

    • teri802nj
      November 6, 2015 at 11:17 pm

      I agree, Chris. If you’re mind isn’t right, nothing else will work! Thanks! 🙂

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