prospecting tactics

5 Prospecting Tactics For The Hustler

“Are You A Hoper Or A Hustler?” That’s what Ray Higdon asked in his training, 10 Prospecting Tricks. So now I’m asking, “Are you a hoper or a hustler?” If you were given 10 prospecting tactics, what would you do with them? It depends on what you are, hoper or hustler. A hoper is someone who hopes his business will take off. He hopes that … Continue reading 5 Prospecting Tactics For The Hustler

success skill set



If you’re a network marketer, you need a success skill set. Everyone who signs up with an MLM company is understandably excited and motivated to begin building the kind of life they often dreamed about. They are¬†looking for all those wonderful things such as time freedom, financial freedom and the ability to quit their job. Although all of these are very attainable, many networker marketers struggle as they attempt to build their businessess and wonder why they haven’t seen what they’ve been promised. Continue reading “SUCCESS SKILL SET FOR PRESENTATIONS THAT SHINE”

you are your own boss


You Are Your Own Boss

When you join a network marketing company, you are your own boss! One of the lures of being an entrepreneur is to be able to “fire your boss” and become your own. We’ve all had one or two or more in our time and we know that bosses are doing the work for a higher up who’s doing the work for another higher up and so on. In all cases, the employees at the bottom are the ones who are pressured and sometimes bullied and always dumped on. The expectation of accomplishing many tasks in an unrealistic time frame comes with the fear of retaliation from the boss or one or more of those higher ups. The boss is under pressure too and uses that pressure to make his subordinates feel pressure too. Continue reading “YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS!”