Surround Yourself With People Who Have These 5 Qualities

Do you surround yourself with people who impact your life in a positive way? It doesn’t matter where you are in life, you are surrounded by people. At work, at home, in your neighborhood – there are people around you all the time. In some places, you have no control of who’s around you. You […]

7 Of My Most Favorite Inspirational Quotes To Live By

Did you ever come across a quote that was so meaningful, it struck a chord within you and quickly became a favorite? I come across them almost everyday. These are quotes to live by. They seem to have a kind of power to put you on track when you’re off track. They plant a seed […]

The Power of Focus Determines Your State And What You’ll Do

Have you ever wondered why some people achieve success while others can never seem to get there? It’s the power of focus. What you focus on is what will determine your success or your lack of it. Tony Robbins And The Power Of Focus Recently, I was watching a video where Tony Robbins was talking […]

Resolutions For The New Year vs. Goals For The New Year

Happy New Year! This is that time of year when most people are looking toward the future. They tend to want to forget the year that’s ended citing the challenges and obstacles they faced along the way that they were not able to overcome or that they perhaps, struggled to overcome. It’s the time to […]


Mindset Mindset is critical in network marketing. In this business, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t want success or want to be successful. Who doesn’t want a new lifestyle where you can close your eyes at night and not have to worry about how you’re going to pay your bills, or have the ability to spend all […]