Are You Using Engagement Bait To Attract Visitors To Your Profile And Page?

Do you like ketchup on your fries or on the side? This question and others like it are what you might see as a typical post in your Facebook news feed. This is one example of engagement bait. Why do marketers feel it necessary to use bait? For one simple reason…they want engagement on their […]

Using Presentation Tools Is Network Marketing 101

Do you use presentation tools when exposing a prospect to your opportunity? Or…do you just get to talking? Network marketers have to understand that tools are a vital part of the process. You can’t give a complete and thorough overview without them. That’s Network Marketing 101. What Are Presentation Tools? Tools are DVDs, CDs, videos, brochures […]

Have You Ever Used The Feel Felt Found Method?

Do you get lots of objections when sharing your product, service or opportunity? Do you get frustrated or angry or maybe even begin questioning yourself? Some marketers feel that way when they’re faced with an objection and, in some cases, want to give it all up. But if they heard of and used the Feel […]

What Is An Elevator Speech And Why You Need One

What is an elevator speech? Do people ask you what you do? Is your response a well thought-out one with the intention of piquing their curiosity? If not, time to work on your “elevator speech”.  Do You Have A Well Thought-Out Elevator Speech? You may know that it’s called an elevator speech or in some […]

Networking: The Golden Key To Network Marketing Success

If you want to be a network marketing success, you’d better know and fully understand what networking is and how to do it. Without the networking aspect, you’ll have nothing but a failed business and a ton of regrets. So, what is networking? What Is Networking? Networking is simply connecting and interacting with people, one on one, […]