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The typical schedule of a network marketer includes training, writing content, emailing the list, engaging in mindset and most importantly, prospecting. MLM prospecting is really the foundation of an MLM business because without prospecting, you have no one to talk to and as a result, no one to buy from you.


being coachable

6 Ways Being Coachable Will Make You An Ideal Recruit

Are you coachable? That’s one of the first questions you’re asked when looking to join a network marketing company. Most people say they are without a second thought but in many cases, they don’t fully understand what  being coachable means. If you want to be an ideal recruit, one that any up line would gladly welcome on board, you have to be coachable. What Does Being Coachable … Continue reading 6 Ways Being Coachable Will Make You An Ideal Recruit

A Journal Of 8 Network Marketing Slang Expressions

Network Marketing Slang Expressions Network marketing slang expressions are popular all throughout the industry. When I joined this industry a few years ago, one of the first things I encountered was the industry slang. I didn’t make the connections right away but after hearing the words and phrases enough and using my own knowledge of context clues, I was able to put meaning to them. … Continue reading A Journal Of 8 Network Marketing Slang Expressions

invest in yourself

3 Ways To Invest In Yourself As A Network Marketer

There’s no getting around it! If you’re a marketer, there’s always something to learn. This includes the “old standards” as well as the “new innovations” and you need to keep up to date on both if you want to stay in the game! So how do you do it? If you’re new to network marketing, that may be your next question. Information is everywhere but you have to know where to get this knowledge and how to use it to benefit you and your business in the most efficient way possible! Invest in yourself – that’s a critical aspect to the network marketing business as it is in any other area of life.


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Do You Know What To Say When Someone Says No?

Do You Know What To Say When Someone Says No? Do you go through emotional trauma because you don’t know what to say when someone says no to your product or service? Have you tried everything under the sun to convince or persuade them to join your opportunity even after they’ve made it clear that they would rather not? These are some of the behaviors of … Continue reading Do You Know What To Say When Someone Says No?

network marketing business

My Network Marketing Business and Elementary School

My network marketing business reminds me of my years as an elementary school teacher! Remember those days when you were in school? Morning line ups in the yard, plans for the day written out on the board, math, science, social studies classes and more, taking exams to determine mastery, recess, class performances and a whole lot more. Those days may not be as far away a memory for me as they probably are for you. That’s because my 30-year career was in the elementary school and for all those 30 years, that was my life.

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mlm success

MLM Success: 7 Easy Ways To Achieve It

So you’re a network marketer?  You’re trying to achieve your MLM success. Those of us who are brave enough to enter the world of MLM are risk-takers. Indeed we are! To spend a good amount of your time earnestly trying to get others to look at your product or service let alone getting them to join your business oppotunity is not something most people will do. So why do we do it?

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attraction marketing


Attraction marketing! When I joined my MLM a while back, I thought it would be easy to share my service with everyone I knew. I actually went around town passing out my business cards. I made calls and sent out emails. I attended networking events and participated in vending events, as well. I promoted my fledgling business on Facebook, Google+, Linked In, Twitter and Pinterest. I had several home parties, not very serious people, showed up. I posted flyers in the neighborhood and when nothing happened, I knew it was time for another strategy.


business builders


The industry is filled with people who are quote unquote in business. Being in business means different things to different people. From what I’ve seen online, these people fall into four categories and each have their own behaviors. I’ll explain. Business Builders or Not? There are three kinds of people who consider themselves  “in business”.  They are spammers, Ralph Kramdens, hobbyists and business builders. Each … Continue reading WHAT ARE BUSINESS BUILDERS?

network marketer


The Network Marketer “Gold”


A network marketer is something like an athlete. Both “go for the gold”. All through life, I’ve heard that expression…go for the gold. Most of the time, it was in relation to an athlete striving to win the ultimate prize. Going for the gold is striving for something you really want and not stopping until you get it. As network marketers, we are always going for the gold – in this case, the network marketer gold.

go for the goldOne might think that we are striving to make the money so many top earners in the industry are making and have made. And even though we ultimately are, what really drives us is how we can be seen as valuable in the marketplace. So, how can we be of value in an industry as large as network marketing not knowing as much as the veterans know? How do we “get” the network marketer gold? Continue reading “THE NETWORK MARKETER “GOLD” AND STRIVING TO GET IT!”