Do You Feed Your Mind? Engage in Daily Mindset For Success

Will you eat breakfast this morning? What’s on the menu for lunch? What are you planning on eating for dinner? Feeding your body is¬†important. And whether you know it or not, you have to feed your mind which is equally important!! Why Feed Your Mind? So, are you engaging in daily mindset? You know, feeding […]

Are You Willing To Fail Knowing That Failure Leads To Success?

Are you willing to fail? I mean really fail – at something you’re trying so hard to accomplish? This may sound like a crazy question because who wants to fail. Whenever a person attempts something, the purpose is to succeed. Failure Leads To Success Are you ready to stumble and fall knowing what it really […]

Dreams by Langston Hughes, An Entrepreneur’s Creed

What set of beliefs do you have as an entrepreneur? You know, the ideas or convictions you wholeheartedly believe in, that keep you focused on your dream – a sort of entrepreneur’s creed. When I was a teacher back in the 80s and 90s, my classes always performed for Black History month. The assemblies were […]

Do You Have A Servant Leadership Mentality?

Servant Leadership – If you think about it, the two words really should cancel themselves out. A servant is one who serves and a leader is one who usually gets served. That’s the traditional way things have always been. The leader tells the masses what to do and they do it. But this is flawed […]


How Do You Handle Your Time? In this industry, your time is a very important factor. Everything you do is based upon time. So much emphasis is placed on having a plan, schedule or daily method of operation.¬†People handle time in different ways and in this post, I’ll be explaining how time is handled and […]