Dreams by Langston Hughes, An Entrepreneur’s Creed

What set of beliefs do you have as an entrepreneur? You know, the ideas or convictions you wholeheartedly believe in, that keep you focused on your dream – a sort of entrepreneur’s creed. When I was a teacher back in the 80s and 90s, my classes always performed for Black History month. The assemblies were always beautifully and skillfully done. Costumes were made by my … Continue reading Dreams by Langston Hughes, An Entrepreneur’s Creed

servant leadership

Do You Have A Servant Leadership Mentality?

Servant Leadership – If you think about it, the two words really should cancel themselves out. A servant is one who serves and a leader is one who usually gets served. That’s the traditional way things have always been. The leader tells the masses what to do and they do it. But this is flawed thinking because an exceptional leader does the opposite. Fortunately, the role of leadership has been redefined over the past several years and a true leader, who is looked upon to make things happen, does it with a servant leadership mentality. Continue reading “Do You Have A Servant Leadership Mentality?”

your time


How Do You Handle Your Time? In this industry, your time is a very important factor. Everything you do is based upon time. So much emphasis is placed on having a plan, schedule or daily method of operation.¬†People handle time in different ways and in this post, I’ll be explaining how time is handled and what the result is.¬† We’ve all heard the expression before: … Continue reading HOW DO YOU HANDLE YOUR TIME?

our past

4 Ways Our Past Teaches Us

Learning From Our Past

Why are some people stuck – stuck in life at a place where they can go further but never do? I know people who are miserable in their lives but refuse to let go of that big, heavy burden they carry around with them called…the past. The reality is that we all have a past and it’s something we can’t get away from. I guarantee you that although we all have experienced the same emotions, love, pain, anger, joy, confusion and many others, everyone’s past is not the same. All of our experiences have all come at different times in our lives and we have reacted differently to each. I’m sure that all of you reading this would agree that we are who we are because of our past. Continue reading “4 Ways Our Past Teaches Us”

immerse yourself in success


What Does It Mean To Immerse Yourself In Success? Are you looking for success? Looking to be successful? Well, in order to be successful, you have to immerse yourself in success. You may be wondering what I mean by immersing yourself in success when you are still striving to attain it. Let me explain. Let’s use Eddie as an example. Eddie wants to be a … Continue reading 5 WAYS TO IMMERSE YOURSELF IN SUCCESS

toxic people


Toxic People Just Don’t Get It

Toxic people are everywhere. As network marketers, we want to be successful. After all, success is the name of our game! It’s the reason we do what we do each and every day. It’s what we wake up thinking about and what puts us to sleep at night! Entrepreneurs have adopted a lifestyle different from that of the average person. It’s one of a strong belief in something and the relentless energy to get their message across to others and ultimately helping them. This is what the entrepreneur does and because of it, he/she usually has to deal with another group of people whose goal, it seems, is to dissuade them from their mission. These people just don’t get it. They have many names: haters, naysayers, unbelievers, pessimists or negative people. And they’re all toxic! Continue reading “TOXIC PEOPLE CAN BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR BUSINESS”

frustration and doubt


How Do You Combat Frustration And Doubt

Frustration and doubt! Ever get frustrated or began doubting yourself? Ever felt alone as you build your business? Being an entrepreneur can sometimes have you second guessing what it is you spend most of your time doing? I’ve had those feelings of being alone and frustrated when I couldn’t get anyone to look at my service and yes, those feelings of doubt do try to sneak in. It’s not easy doing this work. Continue reading “3 WAYS TO COMBAT FRUSTRATION AND DOUBT”

your personal development


Your Personal Development

Your personal development! ¬†Something we need to talk about! Back in the mid-80s, there was a sitcom that was popular to kids everywhere about a 12 year old boy who was reunited with his rich dad. As the son of a rich man, he had everything a kid could want. His room alone was a giant toy chest and thinking back I remember wondering what it would have been like to be a kid and not have to want for anything. Yes, I was an adult at that time but I had kids. And who, truthfully, has never wanted their kids to have everything their hearts desired especially when you could only afford to get them the basics. The kid in that sitcom was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and that meant he didn’t have to worry about money…ever! Continue reading “SILVER SPOONS AND YOUR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT”


Your Inner Voice

Inner voice! We all have it. Sometimes friend and sometimes foe. That inner voice that speaks to us all the time. Most decisions we make are made partly because of our inner voice. And while there’s nothing wrong with entertaining your inner voice, you have to make sure that it’s not the prime suspect in you standing still rather than moving forward. Continue reading “INNER VOICE: YOUR FRIEND AND FOE!”

you are your own boss


You Are Your Own Boss

When you join a network marketing company, you are your own boss! One of the lures of being an entrepreneur is to be able to “fire your boss” and become your own. We’ve all had one or two or more in our time and we know that bosses are doing the work for a higher up who’s doing the work for another higher up and so on. In all cases, the employees at the bottom are the ones who are pressured and sometimes bullied and always dumped on. The expectation of accomplishing many tasks in an unrealistic time frame comes with the fear of retaliation from the boss or one or more of those higher ups. The boss is under pressure too and uses that pressure to make his subordinates feel pressure too. Continue reading “YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS!”