Do You Apply What You Learn Or Are You Always In Learning Mode?

Do you learn, learn, learn…then learn some more? Are you one of those marketers who invests in themselves but still find yourself getting nowhere? Smart marketers are always in learning mode but if you’re a smarter marketer, you not only learn, you apply what you learn. Do You Apply What You Learn? Some marketers are always […]

Using Images From The Internet Without Fear Of Copyright Infringement

Are you using images from the internet? Did you know that many images are subject to copyright infringement laws and can cost a marketer dearly? Marketers are generally posting images as status updates on Facebook and other social media platforms, as well as their blogs and when creating digital content or as part of their […]

How To Set SMART Goals For Success In Life And Business

Do you know how to set SMART goals? Have you set goals for yourself? Do you know what you want and where you want to be…and by when? People set goals all the time but fall short because they haven’t put much thought into them. Writing a goal in your journal isn’t the same thing […]