Build Relationships In Your Business

So, you’ve heard it over and over again.  You have to build relationships in order to succeed. That’s because network marketing is a relationships business. You’ve heard that it’s important to extend your network by reaching out and meeting new people. But if you’re new to the industry, you’re probably wondering, How do I do […]

A Basic Time Management Lesson for Network Marketers

Time management is the reason so many network marketers struggle. In many cases, they haven’t been trained in how to market online correctly. Still in other cases, it is because they do not plan for each day.  In order to be successful in network marketing, it is critical to plan for each day. Time management […]

27 Basic Marketing Terms For The Beginner

Basic Marketing Terms When I decided to take my business online, I became a spammer. Yes, I admit it. I spammed all the time. That’s because it was all I knew. Of course, I didn’t know it was called spamming at the time and I certainly did not know that it was looked down on. […]

People Don’t Join Companies, People Join People

People Join People. Have you ever been around a group of people that you didn’t know but for some reason, you wished you knew them? It could be at a social event or the movie theater or maybe even being stuck in a tunnel on a NYC train. When people are around people they’re comfortable […]

Good Leadership Skills: 10 Easy Ways To Emerge As A Leader

When new network marketers are first introduced to attraction marketing, one of main things they hear is, “You have to position yourself as a leader. Good leadership skills is needed if you want people to notice and follow you. Eventually, they’ll buy from you but not before you put value into the marketplace.” Those words scared […]