Are You Easily Distracted By Shiny Objects?

Are you easily distracted by shiny objects? If you have shiny object syndrome, you most definitely are.  So, let’s take a look. I’m sure you’ve probably seen old movies or television shows where one of the characters was hypnotized.  He sits in a chair and the hypnotist is holding an object, usually a shiny watch […]

How To Be More Productive In Your Network Marketing Business

Are you being productive? You can easily become distracted if you don’t have a plan in place to keep you focused and keep you productive. Here are 9 productivity tips for how to be more productive in your network marketing business: How To Be More Productive Set goals for the month, the week and the […]

5 Ways To Stand Out From The Competition

It’s really an amazing thing to watch! Day in and day out! All over social media! There are so many marketers out there looking to attract leads and prospects. Many are from the same network marketing company as you. They’re using the same tools as you which were provided by your company to market your business. You have […]

Goals And Objectives: Are They The Same?

Goal and objectives! What is the one thing we hear about so often in our work as network marketers? Well, it’s that you have to set goals. Goals are necessary because they direct you to what you want to accomplish. But there is something else that is needed, something that goes hand in hand with […]

4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills

Did you know that there are ways you can improve your communication skills? In any and all aspects of life, we need to communicate. Communication is how we express our ideas, thoughts and feelings. As business owners and business builders, we need to know how to talk to people because that is the bulk of […]