goals and objectives


Goal and objectives! What is the one thing we hear about so often in our work as network marketers? Well, it’s that you have to set goals. Goals are necessary because they direct you to what you want to accomplish. But there is something else that is needed, something that goes hand in hand with goals and those are objectives. Yes, goals and objectives – you can’t have one without the other.


4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills

Did you know that there are ways you can improve your communication skills? In any and all aspects of life, we need to communicate. Communication is how we express our ideas, thoughts and feelings. As business owners and business builders, we need to know how to talk to people because that is the bulk of what we do every day. Here are 4 ways you … Continue reading 4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills

build relationships

Build Relationships In Your Business

So, you’ve heard it over and over again.  You have to build relationships in order to succeed. That’s because network marketing is a relationships business. You’ve heard that it’s important to extend your network by reaching out and meeting new people. But if you’re new to the industry, you’re probably wondering, How do I do that? Well, it’s time you learned, that is, if you want to build your business and achieve that wonderful existence called FREEDOM!

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A Basic Time Management Lesson for Network Marketers

Time management is the reason so many network marketers struggle. In many cases, they haven’t been trained in how to market online correctly. Still in other cases, it is because they do not plan for each day.  In order to be successful in network marketing, it is critical to plan for each day. Time management is key!

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marketing terminology

27 Basic Marketing Terms For The Beginner

Basic Marketing Terms When I decided to take my business online, I became a spammer. Yes, I admit it. I spammed all the time. That’s because it was all I knew. Of course, I didn’t know it was called spamming at the time and I certainly did not know that it was looked down on. I really thought I was promoting my business, thought I … Continue reading 27 Basic Marketing Terms For The Beginner

network marketing business

My Network Marketing Business and Elementary School

My network marketing business reminds me of my years as an elementary school teacher! Remember those days when you were in school? Morning line ups in the yard, plans for the day written out on the board, math, science, social studies classes and more, taking exams to determine mastery, recess, class performances and a whole lot more. Those days may not be as far away a memory for me as they probably are for you. That’s because my 30-year career was in the elementary school and for all those 30 years, that was my life.

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people join people

People Don’t Join Companies, People Join People

People Join People. Have you ever been around a group of people that you didn’t know but for some reason, you wished you knew them? It could be at a social event or the movie theater or maybe even being stuck in a tunnel on a NYC train. When people are around people they’re comfortable with they laugh, have great conversations and just exude positive vibrations. If you happen to be nearby and see and hear them engaged in their fun and good will, you want in. You wish you could get in. When people like people, they want to join them. People join people.

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10 Easy Ways To Emerge As A Leader

mlm leadershipWhen new network marketers are first introduced to attraction marketing, one of main things they hear is, “You have to position yourself as a leader. That’s when people will begin to notice you and follow you. Eventually, they’ll buy from you but not before you put value into the marketplace.” Those words scared me when I first began marketing.

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Infographic – A Visualization Tool To Inform, Engage, Educate

Have you ever thought about an infographic to share information about your product, service or opportunity? This is a visual masterpiece that will keep your audience engaged. In a time when everyone is trying to find creative ways to get their message across, this tool is one that will allow your creativity to blossom. Infographic For Sharing Information An infographic is a visualization tool that gives … Continue reading Infographic – A Visualization Tool To Inform, Engage, Educate

cold calling

5 Super Easy Tips For Cold Calling Prospects

We are in the business of business and the business of business is the business of people. We have to network and networking can sometimes be a little difficult for people who don’t have the basic skills of how to begin a conversation. This is a topic I covered in one of my previous marketing tips a while ago on Facebook but I believe it’s worth talking about here. It’s all about cold calling techniques.

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