Is Sharing Social Media Content Written By Someone Else A No-No?

Are you sharing social media content written by someone else? You know that in order to attract people to you, you have to provide value on a daily basis. But the question is… Can I share other people’s content or should I share only the content I create? Sharing Social Media Content Written By Someone […]

Write Comments On Blogs To Become Attractive In The Marketplace

Have you ever heard that one way to be successful in this industry is to become attractive in it? You may be wondering how to do that if you’re new.  You haven’t mastered any skills yet. That’s the whole idea behind attraction marketing – making yourself attractive so people will be drawn to you. When they’re […]

Stories Sell: Powerful Tools In Your Network Marketing Arsenal

You’ve heard it all before – Facts Tell, Stories Sell!  This is one of the mantras of network marketing. But what does that really mean? As a teacher, I had to “sell” my students all the time. Whenever I taught something, it didn’t click for them until I gave them a story…usually from my own […]

6 Types Of Evergreen Content

Do you know what evergreen content is? Have you ever read a book…more than once? Not every book is one that you’d want to read again and again but there are those special books that are that irresistible. Those are the books with those illuminating characters, magical places and intriguing plots. You just can’t help […]


Creating Content Creating content is a huge part of marketing your business online. We all know it! Everywhere you look, there’s someone writing content on their blog or on their social media platforms or sharing content in videos. People are writing books and others are giving training via webinars. Content is all around us! Why, […]