Do You Apply What You Learn Or Are You Always In Learning Mode?

apply what you learn

Do you learn, learn, learn…then learn some more? Are you one of those marketers who invests in themselves but still find yourself getting nowhere?

Smart marketers are always in learning mode but if you’re a smarter marketer, you not only learn, you apply what you learn.

Do You Apply What You Learn?

Some marketers are always ready to learn. They’re always in learning mode. Learning mode is a great place to be but it can be the biggest excuse why action isn’t taken. It’s where you learn strategies and develop skills. Learning mode is where you fatten up your notebook with important notes that you can use to help you build your business. This is the place where it’s okay to not know because “you’re learning”.

New Learners Are Ready To Learn But Make Excuses When It’s Time To Apply

The problem is that all to often, marketers stay in learning mode. “I’m learning, trying to figure it out first.” “I need time to process all of this.” These are some of the excuses for not implementing.

Oh, they’ll attend all the webinars. And they will sign up for all the courses. They’ll buy the products. But unfortunately, that’s as far as it goes.

There’s always a learning curve involved when learning anything new. Unfortunately, some marketers use it as a reason to delay jumping in.

Anything new also requires patience to master the skill or strategy. It doesn’t click overnight, not in most cases.

You have to be focused and work on the new learning diligently in order to see results. And, the results may not be grand right away. Even if you generate only one lead or if you create a simple capture page heading or maybe write the introduction to your eBook, you’ve accomplished something and that’s progress.

Apply What You Learn, Then Share It

In order to make positive changes to the business, it’s important to learn but much more important to do.

Having notebooks filled with notes is meaningless if what is being learned is not being implemented and shared right away. This is the only way to measure how well a new strategy or innovation is understood and how using it impacts the business.

What you learn also gives you the opportunity to give value to your peers helping to position you as a credible leader. In addition, you could share the results you achieved to show them that they can achieve them too.

Don’t sit on what you learn! Take action, be an action taker and don’t be afraid to fail. That’s how you know what’s working and how to improve upon it if it’s not.

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