meHi! My name is Theresa Lovelace and I’m an entrepreneur. I never thought of myself being one because my whole life has been dedicated to teaching children. A career that, though it had its challenges, I would not have traded for anything. I got a late start in my career having had a family with three small children. My life took a turn in a direction I hadn’t expected when I became a struggling single mom. I worked at Madison Square Garden for several years as an information operator which was actually a great job but it was just that…a job. I didn’t see any future there for me except being an information operator.

When I finally decided to go back to school, I scheduled my classes around my children’s schedule. So while they were learning Math, Science and Social Studies, I was learning how to teach Math, Science and Social Studies. I officially became an elementary school teacher in 1986. me and my class

Being an educator was the most rewarding time in my life because I was able to help so many – my students, their parents, and other teachers. Two masters degrees later, I became an assistant principal of an elementary school in Brooklyn. In 30 years, I went from teacher to staff developer to assistant principal and I have built a career based on integrity, trust and respect.

Somewhere around 2005, though, things started to change in the system and the creativity that was a teacher’s was slowly being taken away. Administrators were becoming watchdogs and paper pushers and school was no longer a joy. After spending so many years in the system, I felt like my years of service was quickly coming to an end. So when retirement was a realistic option, I embraced it.

Ruby MooseMy plans were to establish a website for teachers (that’s Ruby Moose) and provide them with tools, resources and other services as well as continue my writing but the network marketing bug was flying low overhead and before I knew what was happening, I got bit.

I was first introduced to my company in 2008 and was uninterested. I was busy with a demanding job dealing with curriculum, mandates, standards, children, parents, teachers and so much more. I wore as many hats as could fit on my head and even some that didn’t. There was no time for anything else. But after I retired, the opportunity was presented to me again. Not having the pressures and stresses of the job, I decided to take a look and after doing my due diligence, I decided to join the company.

I, like all network marketers, was excited about my new business opportunity. I thought it would be easy but quickly learned there was a skill set I needed to master in order to be successful.

​I discovered and learned the foundations of attraction marketing as well as the importance of branding myself. Branding myself positions me as a leader in the marketplace and this is what I teach network marketers who are new to the industry or network marketers who are struggling in building their businesses.

Me and mine​I am a mother of three, grandmother of five, have written two children’s books and numerous poems, have sung in a gospel choir and hold two masters degrees.

​This is my journey…I’m not there yet and I expect bumps and twists and turns along the way. But in the end, it will have all been worth it! I am a network marketing professional, an entrepreneur, a survivor and I triumph.

​Do you have a similar story or a story that has created, in you, an appetite for success? Contact me. I can help you in your pursuit.


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