22 thoughts on “7 Little-Known Facebook Features

  1. What a great share Theresa. There were a couple I did not know about like embedding on your blog. What a great find. I can think of a lot of things you could do with that. I also did not know you could download your facebook stuff. Can you imagine who much data that would be?

  2. Great post, Theresa!!! Honestly, I haven’t been utilizing these small features on FB. I didn’t feel interested trying them until this post of yours came out. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. omg I had no idea that Facebook had stock images! Thank you so much for sharing! Great tips and value in this post for sure!

    Thank you Theresa

  4. 7 Facebook Features

    Thanks, for showing all the Facebook Features. I had no idea. I thought I knew everything about Facebook. Great Information! This help even the most experience on FB.

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