5 Traits of Successful Top Earners In The Industry

Do you want to be like the top earners? If you want a successful business you do! All top earners have certain traits that have pushed them to their success. Then why is it that so many network marketers bypass these traits and adopt those that yield nothing but disappointment, frustration and failure?

In this industry, you have to decide that you want success and then begin your own journey toward achieving that goal.


5 Traits Of Successful Top Earners In The Industry

Every top earner has gained his/her success by adopting these five traits:

Trait #1

how-to-succeed-in-network-marketingCommitment – Top earners are committed. They entered the industry, tripped and fell more times than they’d care to remember but didn’t let any of their challenges discourage them from what they set out to achieve.

They, like you, were told to think of a WHY. That why was the driving force that pushed them to keep at it until they achieved their goals. This means that they set goals, yearly, monthly, weekly and daily. They focused on their goals and never quit until those goals were met.

Top earners will do whatever it takes and how ever long it takes to reach their goals.  Stay committed!

Trait #2

top-mlm-earnersPatience – When you joined your network marketing company, did you think you would be “rolling in dough” overnight? While it is a distinct possibility that you could make a lot of money, it just doesn’t happen overnight.

If you’re using proven strategies, a marketing system or even have a mentor or coach, you’ll soon realize that, even with that support, there is a process involved. Top earners know this and rather than rant and rave when it doesn’t happen quickly, they keep planting seeds. Seeds eventually sprout and when you keep planting and nurturing, you’ll eventually get a flourishing business. Be patient!

Trait #3

networking-eventsBeing Relationship-Focused – If you want network marketing success like the top mlm earners, adopt the trait of being relationship-focused. Network marketing is a relationship business. As such, you have to meet and connect with people daily. Take an interest in what they do, their family life, their recreational preferences and eventually their struggles and needs.

Go out to networking events, meet ups and other events where people are and connect with them. It’s what the top earners do and so should you.

Remember, no one will buy from you or join you if they don’t know you or feel like they know you, like or trust you. When you build relationships, you’re establishing the conditions for being known, liked and trusted. Focus on building relationships!

Trait #4

Always The Student – Top earners are always in learning-mode. They know that in order to enhance their marketing practices, they have to learn new strategies and techniques. Network marketing training is key in developing the skill set needed to grow your business.

Attending webinars, watching training videos, buying courses and products, reading blog posts are some of the ways they learn. Once they learn something new, they implement it to get results. Be a student, always!

Trait #5

successful-businessAlways The Teacher – Once learning takes place, the top mlm earner teaches the new learning to his target audience. These are the people who are struggling with their businesses and are looking for answers.

As a leader, you provide these answers to your audience. This is how top earners have gained credibility and authority, built their brand and have grown their following. When people can depend on you to provide value that they can implement, they will rely on you for more. Be a teacher, always!

These are five traits that top earners in the industry possess and for you to be successful, you should adopt them too.

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16 thoughts on “5 Traits of Successful Top Earners In The Industry

  1. Love your energy in your video!
    You share some really beautiful tips! Spot on about planting seeds, and patients!
    That has been one of my greatest lessons in this industry!
    Great article! Thanks for sharing!

  2. All are important! For me ,the topmost is that all leaders in whatever business or institution will always and forever be students! There is so much to learn each day!

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