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Prospecting and Network Marketing

If you’re in the network marketing industry, you have to prospect. There’s just no getting around it! Prospecting is what leads to prospects and prospects can lead to customers or even partners. So why do so many marketers fall short? They need a skill set that includes at least 5 prospecting tips – tips they can use to ease them into a profitable business.

phone and computerNetwork marketing is unlike any other business, job or career anyone has ever had. There is a completely different mindset and different skills that one must adopt in order to be successful. In no other field would you have to be on the lookout for possibilities, strike up a conversation with them about something you may have in common, build relationships and find out what their problem is, provide a solution to the problem and ultimately be rewarded with a sale or sign up. So, yes, it is something that may be considered out of one’s comfort zone. But if you’re going to survive in this industry, you’re going to have to take that baby step out of the zone you’re so comfortable in and start prospecting. Here are 5 prospecting tips to build your business.

5 Prospecting Tips To Build Your Business

To begin feeling comfortable about prospecting, here are 5 prospecting tips to build your business.

Prospecting Tip #1 – Focus on finding suitable prospects – Not everybody is interested in your product or service. Even more may not be interested in your opportunity. But the good news is that out there somewhere, there are those who are. Your job is to find them and you find them by prospecting.  Knowing your target market narrows the search and once you know who your ideal prospect is, you go where they are and speak their language. People who want what you have will be more susceptible to your message. They will look to you for help and guidance and you will provide it. It will be easy to talk to them because they will connect with you. You have something they need.

Prospecting Tip #2 – Be driven to prospect – As a marketer looking to build your business, you are going to want to spend most of your time engaged in prospecting. This is the “meat and potatoes” of your business. So include a large block of time in your daily schedule for prospecting. This can be phone calls, networking events, social media or any time and place you are where people are.

headsProspecting Tip #3 – Revisit previous customers – Often, customers may want to purchase from you again or may want to try another product or service you may have. This is why it’s so important to always keep an open communication with your customers. Additionally, previous customers can prove invaluable because they already used your product or service and can refer others based on their satisfaction with it.

Prospecting Tip #4 – Be energetic – When talking to prospects whether on the phone or in person, stay upbeat. Your energy will be undeniable and will let the prospect know that you are confident and someone to pay attention to.  They can tell that you are happy with your product or service and it gets them excited too. If you’re still uneasy about talking to prospects on the phone, practice looking in a mirror when on the phone and smiling a lot. Eventually, it will become natural.

Prospecting Tip #5 – Nurture your prospects – Follow up and follow through as a regular business practice. It’s all part of relationship-building. When you stay in touch with your prospects, you build trust. Each time you communicate with them, there should be a connection to whatever your previous communication was about. It takes about 7 or more contacts or touches before someone decides to buy so you want to continually nurture the relationship. When the prospect knows, likes and trusts you, you will be sure to get a sale.

5 prospecting tipsProspecting – A Necessary Part Of Building Your Business

So there you have it. 5 prospecting tips to build your business. These 5 prospecting tips will help you learn more about your potential customer and as soon as you start to implement them, you will find prospecting to be a doable part of network marketing.

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