5 Common Marketing Mistakes People Make When Taking Their Business Online

Common Marketing Mistakes

Are you new to online marketing? If you are, you’re probably making some common marketing mistakes as you promote your business online. If you’re looking to be successful, and I know you are, read on to find out if you’re making these mistakes and if so, fix them.

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5 Common Marketing Mistakes People Make When Taking Their Business Online

These are 5 of the many common marketing mistakes people make when taking their business online. They fish in the wrong pond, don’t get up close and personal, fall victim to the shiny object syndrome, spread themselves thin and they sweat the small stuff.

Let’s take a closer look!

They Fish In The Wrong Pond

Newcomers to the industry use their company links as bait. Do you think marketing your business is throwing your link out into the ocean of hungry marketers hoping for a bite? I can tell you that it’s not. Marketers who do that don’t know that they will never reel anyone in this way because not everyone wants what they have.

marketing mistakesAs a matter of fact, when you put your link out there, on other people’s timelines, as a comment on someone’s post, as a private message, people will block you or worse, report you. Why? Because they didn’t ask for the information. You’re putting your link where no one wants it.  It’s annoying and shows you as an amateur. This is called spamming and spamming is a practice that is not looked upon in a positive light. Remember, professionals never spam.

So start fishing in the right pond and the right pond is one where the people you have conversations with are asking for your help. You have started to build relationships with them and you know what “ails” them. You can offer your product or service or even your opportunity to them. They will welcome your link, after they ask for it, that is. This is one of the main common marketing mistakes marketers make.

They Don’t Get Up Close and Personal

Getting up close and personal simply means getting to know your prospect. You have to take the time to get to know who they are, what they like to do, something about their family, their interests, what makes them laugh and what gets them angry. You want to build relationships with them so they can put their guard down and invite you into their world.

marketing onlineOnce they feel comfortable with you, they will reveal their pain. This is where you can now make your move and offer them your help.

It’s easier for the prospect to trust you because you are like an old friend rather than a salesy salesman (or woman).

They Fall Victim To The Shiny Object Syndrome

Everybody want what they want and they want it now! They feel a sense of urgency to get going with the business which is good thing. Just remember to keep the urgency in the proper perspective. It should propel you to commit to what you need to do for success for as long as it takes. The other urgency to just make fast money is not going to lead you anywhere but down a rabbit hole with no real destination.

When marketing online, you can easily fall victim to the Shiny Object Syndrome. The Shiny Object Syndrome could potentially lead you down this rabbit hole because you’re quick to purchase online marketinga product, take a course or try a new strategy. Because results don’t happen overnight, people get frustrated and look for the next “big” thing, the next shiny thing, to help them get their results. They’ll jump on board with that only to find the same set of circumstances and guess what? They’ll start looking for the next shiny thing. And you know what? There’s always a next shiny thing!

What you should do is stick to one strategy and make it your goal to master it before heading on to another one. When you begin getting leads, you’re ready to take on another strategy. Go for it but only after you’ve mastered the first one.

They Spread Themselves Thin

With all the social media platforms out there, it’s impossible to be on all of them and be able to maintain your presence. When you share your content, it will be difficult to do so on every one, every day. What will happen is that no one will ever get a real sense of who you are. You’ll get lost in the sea of the other thousands upon thousands of marketers competing for “eyeballs”.

Choose two or three platforms and maintain your presence on those. Share content everyday. Let your presence be known. Never spread yourself thin by trying to be everywhere.  People will see more of you when you focus on a few platforms rather than a few dozen.

They Sweat The Small Stuff

I can’t begin to tell you how many marketers I know or have encountered that have spent valuable time “sweating the small stuff.” Instead of focusing on money making activities, they’re more concerned about how pretty or sharp their logos look or how perfect they want their blog header or which signature should they use. These things are the “small stuff.” They’re not that important right now. What’s important is getting out there, building your brand, sharing value and building relationships. The small stuff can and should wait.

So these are 5 marketing mistakes people usually make when they get into online marketing. I hope you can see how they can be hazardous to your business and will make every effort to not make them or if you are making them, stop.

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